HVAC Marketing Websites Internal SEO Blogs – Link Building for HVAC Contractors

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HVAC Marketing Websites Internal SEO Blogs – Link Building for HVAC Contractors

What’s link building all about? In essence, link building is the accumulation of links from one website to another website or URL. This is the basis on which web browsing is built, and the quality and amount of these links represent authority. By building relationships with reputable and relevant sites, you can generate a huge amount of traffic to your site which would quite likely not have reached you otherwise.

The Domino Effect

While having links to your site on other websites may not seem that impactful, that sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Link building through verified, reputable sites, with an outstanding reputation, can push you further up Google rankings than you ever imagined and considerably improve your domain authority.

Variety in Links

There are many different types of links that must be considered during the link-building process.

Entity Links

These links are those which are directed from your company or entity website to the corresponding social media pages or review pages for that company.

Inbound Links or Backlinks

These kinds of links are those which are found on third-party websites but lead back to your site.

Internal Links

Internal links occur when you have a link on one page of your company website that leads to another page on that same site.

Outbound Links

These are links that are found on your website but lead to a third-party site that is not part of your company.

Google vs Humans

Just as link building helps users browse the internet, these links assist Google to properly interpret and file websites in the correct place for future search reference. This is how Google accomplishes optimal search results and efficiency for users.

Link building can improve your website in so many ways:


Establish your brand online through association with sites of high authority.


By providing internal links, you ensure easy navigation of your website by users.


Networking is key to developing relationships and this is no different where the internet is concerned. Network with companies and build authority and trust with them.


Referral traffic from inbound links can increase your overall click-through rate considerably and drive traffic that would otherwise not reach you to your site.

The Bots

Quality of content on your website pages is important to achieve relevant, authoritative backlinks. Your content becomes more marketable the more authoritative backlinks you have. Google bots evaluate links to gather information and discover new pages which are used to formulate the search engine results page rankings. Quality links are a priority where Google is concerned.

Quality Link Building Factors

Generating links is not that difficult to achieve, but generating quality backlinks from high authority sites is a different beast altogether. Focus your attention on the following points and you will get the results you need:

Anchor Text

This is the word or phrase where the link originates from on a given website. Making use of keywords in these phrases will only increase their impact.

Authoritative Links

Acquiring backlinks from large, well-known sites packs more of a punch than links from small, insignificant sites. If you want to increase your rankings, start building those high-authority links.

Link Placement

Links that appear in the content on your webpages is fundamental to ranking.

Relevant Links

The links on your website need to be relevant to your industry.

Link Building Campaign

Each link building campaign is undertaken with a clear objective of creating brand awareness, generating leads and ultimately sales. Links can be incorporated into websites in different ways.

Content Creation

The on-page content must be creative, unique, and promote your products or services to the intended target audience.

Market Research

It is imperative that you research potential customers and evaluate the habits and behavior of users and analyze market trends before embarking on any strategy.

Social Media

Make use of your social media platforms to share your content.

Website Publication

Use ethical methods to generate leads. This could include publishing your website to third-party business directories or social media pages.

An HVAC link building strategy takes thought, planning, research, and proper implementation to ensure you get a bang for your buck. Bad links can affect your rankings negatively so you should be selective in this regard. Put in the work and generate links of worth.

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