HVAC Marketing Blitz Webinar- May

HVAC Marketing Blitz

This week we hosted an interactive Zoom session discussing all things related to HVAC Marketing. During this engaging session, viewers had the opportunity to ask the experts questions and get answers. If you missed out on the webinar, no worries! You can watch the recording here.

Covered Topics

Social Media Platforms
Facebook & Instagram User Demographics
Social Media Users Behaviors
Leveraging Social Media for Leads
What An Effective Facebook Ads Campaign Looks Like


Yes, and there are many benefits. As you may know, Instagram is the second most downloaded app, therefore you will have access to a large audience. Also, since Facebook and Instagram are owned by Meta, the platforms are connected so you don't necessarily have to curate content for each platform. You are able to post one set of content to both platforms. Plus, 78% of Facebook users also have an Instagram, which gives you the opportunity to present your products/services to them multiple times.

Any content, regardless if you are an HVAC business or any other kind of business, needs to do one or more of the following. 

  • Educates your audience-
    • How can you help to solve a problem? 
  • Inspires your audience-
    • What will resonate with them? What will invoke an emotional response?
  • Entertain your audience-
    • How can you capture their attention? How can you shock them or make them laugh?

Choose the platforms that your audience prefers. Once you have chosen your platforms, make sure the information you provide is consistent, including your account information, your visual content, and your messaging. It needs to resemble your brand identity.


From there we recommend that you post on a consistent basis, and provide quality content that educates, inspires, or entertains your audience. It is important not to rush. It is better to post great content a day or two late than to post useless content on time. And remember, social media is not an exact science, which is why it's important to review the data and ask your audience what they would like to see as well.

Absolutely. Retargeting can further amplify your social media advertising and lead generation strategy by helping you re-engage with lost prospects. You can retarget people who have landed on your website or even people who read your blog posts. This is a great tactic to put your product and services in front of those prospects without being pushy.

It is important to understand how your ad budget is being spent. The social media platforms that allow you to advertise all are designed to suggest an audience that is similar to your following or allows you to customize your audience. The suggested feature is not always optimized to help your business if your following doesn’t align with your buyer personas. It has been proven to be more effective to select your own audience. 

Content has to either educate, inspire, or entertain. You are also a business and have to share your products and services, so it is really about balance. Users don't want to follow pages that just promote sales, which is why we often recommend educational content. If someone visits your social media page and learns something useful to them, they are more likely to follow you. It is also important to stay authentic. People know when you use a stock image versus an authentic photo. Many of our social media clients excelled when they switched to using their own images and videos. People want to see your employees, see you as owners, and see you engaged in the community.

HVAC Marketing Blitz - Leveraging Social Media

Business Blitz: The X’s and O’s of marketing and growing your business and your brand.

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