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Johnstone Supply Bloomington Teams Up With CI Web Group To Conduct Virtual HVAC Dealer Meetings

In an attempt to break through the covid ceiling and continue to fight back the effects this worldwide pandemic has had on the HVAC industry, Johnstone Supply Bloomington has brought in CI Web Group to help communicate with HVAC dealers using the latest communications technology.

In the past, HVAC dealer meetings were conducted in person at a single location. Distributors and Dealers would come together, face-to-face to discuss the latest in HVAC technologies and digital marketing strategies. However, since Covid-19 first swept across the globe, we have all been forced to do things differently. So, in order to facilitate the need, CI Web Group has successfully developed and hosted their first Virtual Dealers Meeting with Johnstone Supply Bloomington and hundreds of their dealers over the span of four days in early December.

The response was amazing! People commented on how much they learned from the presentations, with no time spent on traveling or costly accommodations. The technology was seamless and was executed flawlessly. It allowed our dealers to really focus on why they were there, ” says Pam McManus, with Johnstone Supply – Bloomington.

Getting Through Tough Times Together

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a number of challenges for HVAC businesses throughout the industry. When businesses face such challenges, it’s common for them to reach out to their peers and allies. So Johnstone Supply Bloomington reached out to CI Web Group, a proven technology leader in the HVAC industry, to handle the technical complexities of their virtual dealer meetings.

Because of the pandemic, HVAC distribution companies found themselves cut off from their dealers as they struggled to define their new normal. So they started looking for ways to reach out and successfully communicate with their customers. We heard several horror stories where virtual meetings were scheduled with hundreds of participants, but because of technology failures or shortcomings, the virtual events were a complete failure. That’s when we knew we must act. So the technology experts at CI Web Group took their knowledge of the industry, and their experiences at hundreds of HVAC events, and combined their expertise with the right technology to build and host an incredible platform for conducting Virtual Dealer Meetings,” notes CI Web Group CEO, Jennifer Bagley.

Building The Perfect Dealer Meeting

The first Virtual Dealer Meeting, was co-hosted by Amana Brand Heating and Air Conditioning, who quickly recognized the potential for conducting dealer meetings in a virtual setting.

Putting together the technology that allows distribution companies like Johnstone Supply to not only survive, but thrive in this new normal, is vital to our industry. And we wanted to be a part of that,” says Ben Middleton, National Sales Training Manager, Goodman Global Group, Inc.

Drawn from many different segments related to the HVAC industry, experts were recruited to present ways in which contractors can seize every opportunity that opens up to them. Each of the four days of the virtual dealers meeting was devoted to a different theme: Entrepreneurship, IAQ, Business Tools, and Sales, with six speakers exploring different aspects of each theme in every session.

  • Session 1 Entrepreneurship: Accounts & KPIs; Operations; Human Resources; Scheduling; Personnel Development; and Leadership;
  • Session 2 IAQ: Where to Start; Clean Comfort; E-Commerce & Sales; Sales Toolbox; Finance & Bundling; and Monitoring
  • Session 3 Business Tools: Iheart Amana; Marketing Automation Strategies; Technical Skill Development; Introduction To Finance; Phone Power Selling; Sales Process; and Branding;
  • Session 4 Sales; Iheart Amana; Virtual Sales System; In-Home Selling; Sales Through Finance; Upfront Price Guide; High-Performance Sales; and Sales Process.

Well aware that making and renewing contacts is a vital part of all business events, the organizers set aside plenty of time for networking over cocktails, and even a karaoke session!

Looking Ahead: 2021 And Beyond

What are the plans for the coming year? Johnstone Supply Bloomington is upbeat about the possibilities of running a second Virtual Dealers Meeting. Based on the enthusiastic reactions to the first event, they feel that this might well become a monthly highlight in their marketing calendar.

As a major supplier to the HVAC industry, JSB is committed to ensuring the success of every player along its entire distribution chain. Regular training seminars and workshops have always laid firm foundations for outstanding customer service – and now even the busiest HVAC professionals can participate in these events through remote conferencing technology, while never leaving the comfort of their office or home,” says Pam McManus, with Johnstone Supply Bloomington.

CI Web Group sees a bright future ahead for this innovative “sharing-thoughts-not-viruses” approach. Underpinned by rapid developments in remote conferencing technology, they believe that this no-risk alternative to traditional meetings is a safe path ahead, promising a prosperous future for the entire HVAC industry.

“The HVAC dealers in attendance, really appreciated our new Virtual Dealers Meeting system because it allows them to learn about the latest in HVAC technology and marketing strategies without having to take valuable time away from their business and incur travel expenses. Once the pandemic is over, I think Virtual Dealers Meetings will continue to be a big part of e-learning platforms, offering flexibility and freedom,” notes Kathy Marshall, VP of Training with CI Web Group, Inc.

Technology + Execution = Success

There’s a lot more to a Virtual HVAC Dealers Meeting than one would expect! The right technology platform is just the beginning. CI Web Group has partnered with Zoom to develop a platform for HVAC Dealer Meetings. CI Web Group’s technology experts proved they are highly skilled at event marketing and facilitating a virtual HVAC Dealer Meetings with hundreds of dealers at the same time. “Detailed virtual dealers meeting analytics proves the success of the Johnstone Supply Bloomington’s Virtual Dealers Meeting. Winning technology combined with the CI Web Group team is a winning formula for successful HVAC dealer events that get results,” said CI Web Group CEO, Jennifer Bagley.

Boosting Engagement Through Involvement

The conference utilized innovative approaches that include social learning, with lively discussions, interactive breakout sessions, and digital networking. Users stayed involved and eager to explore the structured event experience.

By allowing associates, partners, vendors and customers to connect in a virtual dealers meeting, it quickly built momentum and excitement. People connected in various ways that kept them engaged through energetic speakers, breakout sessions, specialty groups, and group discussions. CI Web Group even provided a fast and easy way to bring in feedback during and after the virtual event.

Accessibility And Ease Of Use

Johnstone Supply – Bloomington’s Virtual Dealers Meeting was accessible any place with an internet connection, through personalized mobile apps, laptops, and personal computers.

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