How to Get Started with Local Link Building

How to Get Started with Local Link Building

Local Link Building

How To Get Started With Local Link Building

Generating successful traffic for your business is probably always on your mind as a business owner. Your website should constantly seek ways to make your online presence known. Local link building is just one way to bring traffic to your website.

Local link building consists of building links to your website from other websites in the same area. When businesses partake in this strategy, their rankings on Google Maps and Google Listings will be better, which in turn brings revenue to your business when you draw in real leads.

Local Link Building Strategies

Although there are many strategies that you can use when local link building, we’ve outlined just a few that you can easily get started with: 

Enter the Running for Local Awards

Find out what awards your business could participate in. This will give you easy access to linking other websites to your business website because your website will be linked as a showcased participant. It is also a great way to interact with your local community and businesses.

Get Link Citations from Local Influencers

Get in contact with local influencers that cover topics in your industry. These influencers can showcase your product or services on social media, creating content, and helping you share it. You can find these influencers through Google or social media sites.

Create a Local Resource Page on Your Website

If it makes sense for the structure of your website, you can add a local resource page. On it, you can include nearby resources such as restaurants, mechanics, pet groomers, and fun stuff around town. When you link to these places, and they mention you, it can help with search engine rankings.

Contribute to Your Local Newspaper or Magazine

Reach out to local newspapers or magazines with a story related to your business. The newspaper will likely prefer a timely and interesting news event surrounding your business, but they sometimes do feature stories on businesses or profiles on business owners. Once an article is published, you can link it to your website.

Picking the right strategy for your local link building journey is key, but there won’t be a single strategy that you’ll follow. Not everything will fit, but once you get started with the strategies that do, you’ll soon discover that you are on the right track to building a great online presence.

Below are some additional strategies we’ve compiled for you as you get started with local link building. Contact our team at CI Web Group if you’d like to learn more.

Local Link Building List

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