How To Combat The Crisis With The Help Of Marketing and SEO

How To Combat The Crisis With The Help Of Marketing and SEO

How To Combat The Crisis With The Help Of Marketing and SEO

The COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world at present has set the economy in a tailspin and businesses are taking drastic measures to ensure the safety of their employees. There are a vast number of companies that have temporarily closed their physical shops, choosing to work online and allowing their employees to work from home where possible, in a plight to stop the spread of the deadly disease. While many may fear that they will lose traction in an already competitive market, there are ways to ensure that you come out ahead of the pack. Focusing your efforts towards your online and digital presence is vital, and that’s the reason why many companies choose to focus their efforts on hvac digital marketing to survive the pandemic.

Marketing is the Way Forward 

The obvious reaction to a lack of business or the ability to carry out business as usual will of course be to cut costs wherever necessary. While many may feel that marketing is an area that can afford a cut, they would be detrimentally incorrect. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are now more dependent than ever on their digital marketing strategy. 

It must be remembered that online marketing and SEO Company in Houston TX strategies are not an overnight success story, results often take several months to reveal themselves. What you do today may only affect your bottom line in months to come. Cutting your marketing budget and putting a halt to any strategies at this point would set you back by quite some distance once business resumes as normal. This is the time to maintain your level of engagement with your client base where other businesses may be left lagging behind.

Content is KING

It is vital to ensure that the content you are producing on your online platforms is fruitful and rewarding. Efforts put into the wrong areas will be wasted. Evaluate your content and take this time to improve ways of engaging your clients. Make use of spreadsheets to gain better insight into what you have to offer and how you can change it up to attract and keep the attention of your customers. By giving yourself a visual on the spreadsheet you will better be able to assess which areas received the most traffic or which pieces of content were shared the most. These are areas you can repurpose, rewrite with a different focal point and use to add traction to your strategy. Adding new content, updating keywords and fine-tuning your CTA’s are all strategic pieces of a master plan to engage.

Visual Content

Visual aids on any online platform attract people like magnets. We live in an era of decreased attention spans and it comes as no surprise why people prefer this type of communication over plain text. Videos are included in this category. The power of video technology is often underrated.  While providing interesting content, video will broaden your client reach through the use of YouTube and other platforms like it. Videos are enjoyable and engaging to watch. Probably the most important factor is that they are easily shared ensuring that your voice is heard by the masses. Take the time now to ensure that video content is high quality and that clear subtitles are provided. Your viewers may not always have access to volume when watching your snippets.

Start building up your video collection now. Having a wide range of quality videos to choose from will ensure that your clients always have something engaging and interesting to find on your digital platform. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Revamp Your Website

Giving your website a make-over is one way of keeping your clients interested in your business throughout the pandemic. Audit your website to ensure that you have valuable links in place. There is nothing worse than clicking on a link that shows an error. Customers will quickly lose interest and begin to see you as unreliable or untrustworthy. Link to working, informative pages will build your customer relations ten-fold. Better yet, perform a site-wide content audit and make sure that everything is working like it should.

Google Knows Everything

A huge majority of the population use Google as their go-to platform to find anything under the sun. If you want customers to find you it is important to ensure that your contact information is valid when they Google your business. Perhaps take a chance to check that your telephone numbers are correct, your physical address is updated and that your open hours are adapted during these trying times so that clients can easily access your services when required.

Link Directories

When it comes to SEO, placing links on your website and other digital platforms is a valuable asset to your business. Of course this would depend on the quality of the links and whether or not they provide your customers with information that is useful. Carry out a backlink audit to find out which links you need to get rid of immediately. Anything that doesn’t offer any value to your clients is a definite no.

Reach Out And Make Sure They Listen

We are all experiencing a period of great uncertainty and anxiety and reaching out to your customers or clients during this time is a wonderful way of building relationships and trust. Keep the communication channels open. Make sure to adapt your messaging to reflect their most pressing needs and concerns. The content of your communications may be slightly different to the norm, however, your ability to adapt will go a long way in building trust.  Reassure your customers that your company is always there to provide them with the best service. Allow your customers to see that you have their best interests and the interests of your staff at heart.

Focusing On The Future

A last valuable word of advice is to take care of your staff. Your staff are the cornerstone of your operations. While their wellbeing should be a priority all the time, at a time like this it becomes even more important. Ensure the safety of your business and those who work in it and you will surely see the light at the end of this tunnel. Use this time carefully and you will ensure that your business is back on the road to success once we all resume back to our normal, daily lives.






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