How Can You Leverage “Near Me” Searches for Local SEO?

How Can I Improve My Local SEO Results?

If you are a business owner, you need customers. Drawing the attention of customers online is as important as it gets. With digital marketing services, the ‘near me’ searches show a sense of eagerness and urgency, due to which the client gets immediate results. Additionally, it becomes simple for customers to find your company in local searches.

Some Advice to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence

• Setup Your Google Business Profile

The first step to taking your business online is registering an account on Google My Business. To optimize the local search results for your business on Google, make your business profile reachable. Start by entering the general details about your business, its name, address, Google Map directions, and contact details- phone number and website.

Make your business specific and add several photos to prove your physical identity. Google favors the pages with customer reviews to top the ‘near me’ searches, so acquire as many positive reviews as you can. Stay consistent with your online presence to remain comprehensive about your business. If you are looking for an SEO company to help grow your business in Houston, TX, contact CI Web Group today.

• Create Local SEO Pages For Multiple Business Content

Follow the concept of clarity in your website design and try to make the information stand out by using less words and more visual effects. For instance, if you have several branches of your business in Los Angeles, Washington, and Boston, you should prefer three separate pages explaining the business at every branch.

Make a note to clear poorly written sentences and add user-friendly URL structures for easier search, add creative titles and meta titles, add a short call-to-action, add images, and, if possible, add plenty of client testimonials. You can also choose video transcripts to improve the relevancy of your page with a particular location and link the information specified in terms of ‘near me searches.

• Create A Mobile-Friendly Website

Google favors the pages that offer the best user experience. So, if you have a good site speed and a mobile-friendly website for client representation, your business will rank better in the ‘near me searches. Work with enhancing the responsiveness of your website and improve speed by AMP pages, use Gzip compression, and minimize difficult text such as JavaScript and HTML.

Try to reduce redirecting links and the JavaScript blocking renders. Minimize the use of Flash as it hinders proper user control. Employ auto-correct to ease the conversation if you provide forms and chat forums. Add separate buttons for the user to click, and do not use VPNs that can block your website activity from the internet. Looking for SEO companies to help expand your business? Contact CI Web Group and watch your business grow!

• Use Schema Markup

The schema markup strategy is very useful from the viewpoint of a user. To stand out in front of your competitors, schema markup will help the search engine gather your business information and present it to the clients as snippets without creating confusion. It includes your business address, contact details, and hours of operation on the front homepage.

The schema markup strategy allows you to display accurate business information concisely that also relates to your other social media profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter.

• Use Backlinks

Backlinks with anchor text that is rich in geographic information can help you rank better in local searches on Google. It involves using relative keywords representing your business and adding them to your blog so that the search results come up with your business information. For example, you can use keywords like ‘HVAC company in Florida’, ‘Florida HVAC company’, ‘best HVAC company in Florida, and many others to your business page.

• Create a Blog

A blog can go a long way when you want to acquire local links and grow with nearby businesses. If you follow popular blogs on the internet, know that a customer will follow the suggestions of a locally grown venture during local searches. If your business is listed or linked to that popular page, it becomes easier to find you.

You can invite collaborations with local influencers, popular social media communities, and other online surveys, which can help you establish a link between your pages to attract and redirect customers to each other.


If you are still backing out on the ‘near me’ searches and SEO services, the right time to enter the market is now. Optimize your local business with the strategies discussed in this blog and take one step ahead of your competitors. Do not doubt your business. Contact CI Web Group today and watch your business grow.

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