How Can I Get More Google Reviews?

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How Can I Get More Google Reviews?

One of the key factors in determining the success of any business is what people have to say about it.  We’re all consumers; When we search for a restaurant, contractor, or even a dry cleaner, we make our decision to do business with them by reading the experiences of those before us.  Knowing this, we discuss another frequently asked question: “How can I get more Google reviews?”

Benefits of Google Reviews

  • Google Reviews give your business credibility.  It is very easy for customers of yours to go online and leave reviews, as they do not even need to download an app.  These reviews are honest, real reviews from customers so it evens the playing field from paid marketing, etc.
  • Google Reviews increase online exposure and local SEO. Google’s AI will rank your business higher among search results if it thinks you are the best option to customers based on your reviews.  Some of the criteria it looks for are: quantity, diversity, and frequency.
  • Google Reviews provide a way to interact with your customers.  Being able to instantly respond to customer feedback is invaluable.  It shows that you as a business owner are engaged with your clientele.  Meanwhile, it can also serve as a talking point to your team members whether it is a learning experience or something positive to build on.

How to get More Google Reviews

After every positive interaction with your company, a review request should be sent out. This not only helps with your search engine optimization, but it will also help you convert more referral business that is coming from existing customers. There are also plenty of review acquisition software that you can use to automatically send out reviews or to make your reviews work double time for your SEO. Ask us what we recommend for your business!

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Good Luck Getting More Google Reviews!

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