Hot Home Services HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Branding Tips To Skyrocket Sales

Hot Home Services HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Branding Tips To Skyrocket Sales

You know the saying right? Money flows where attention goes. And in our day and age, people’s attention can be found almost exclusively online. Before you ask, yes this is true for HVAC, plumbing and electrical home services businesses too! Your customers live and breathe through their smartphones, which makes it very easy for you to decide where you need to spend the better part of your advertising and marketing budget. 

Just like with everything else in life, dominating your competition online is a playing field full of twists and turns. You need to be able to implement the right things, in the right order, at the right time and for better or worse, throwing things at the wall trying to see what sticks won’t cut it. From your website and hosting, to site security, SEO, PPC campaigns and social media — your efforts will start bearing fruit the moment the whole puzzle has been finalized and when all the pieces are arranged in the correct order. Thankfully for you, we’ve put together a very powerful framework which has been bringing solid sales numbers to over 479 (and counting!) HVAC, plumbing and electrical home services contractors throughout the nation for the past decade like clockwork.

The Importance of Branding Within the 12 Step Roadmap 

How do you build a brand that makes your company unique and brings your story alive? How do you create a brand that distinguishes your company against people that say they are just as good as you and marginally cheaper? The role that a brand plays in this day and age is possibly the most important challenge to tackle head on and a vital question to answer. A huge percentage of product and equipment sales in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industry are made through e-commerce sites. This is why it is so important to build a brand for your brick and mortar company that stands out from the rest. 

Strong HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Brand Identity Is Essential

Everybody gets stuck in a rut, and your business is no different. Breaking the mold is not easy to accomplish or to face. It is however the way forward. HVAC, plumbing and electrical branding and web design is so much more than a logo or color scheme. Your branding communicates how you show up and deliver, and ultimately determines the level of trust you will enjoy as a business. Your brand is essentially, you. Behind every single brand, there are people, not bots, but human beings. It is essential to build your brand as if you are looking through the eyes of your community. Your brand must service your customers and cater towards their needs. Here’s some vital parts of the whole process:

  • Human connection is one strand that cannot be eliminated. People relate to other people. Bear this in mind when building your brand. Know your audience and target market, where they come from and what they want or need. 
  • A brand is a sense of ownership and it should instill a sense of ownership in their customers as well.  
  • Every HVAC, plumbing or electrical home services contractor should incorporate identification and association into their brand. Your brand could umbrella a number of factors. Name, tagline, logo, slogan, symbol, website, favicon, truck or song. 

Each of these can be customized to reflect your brand. There are so many tunes that instantly make you think of a particular brand, and that should be your goal. 

These are short codes to remember your brand, they are associated with your brand but they are not your brand. By creating the brand you want, you attract the business you want. A brand creates a feeling within people, it is up to you what emotions you want to foster. 

Managing Branding and Innovation In The Home Services Industry

Remember that you can’t stop a brand from growing. It is going to grow regardless of whether you want it to or not. You can either do nothing and let it go any which direction it chooses or you can guide it according to who you are, what you want to provide and how you want your customers to feel after experiencing your brand. 

It is vital to provide something of value to your customers, be the resource that they need. Brands that are built well will make money. Make your customers feel special. That is the key to success.  

Customer Identity

Followers of great brands will fiercely defend that brand until they convert whoever is listening. That is what you want from your brand. People who identify with your brand will find reasons to love it and look forward to the next experience with it. Your brand should make your customers feel special. That is yet another key to your success.  

What brands is your day made up of? What brands invoke emotions deep within you? Whatever it is, that is what you should aim at for your brand.

It is extremely important to identify your target market and direct your promises towards that. If your promises are not directed in this way, you will not get the reaction you are seeking and you may begin to wonder why you are spending so much money on branding. 

Your brand is a “living” thing that cannot remain in one place, it has to expand and change with the customers and the world today. You need to connect with your customers in the now. 

Market Segmentation and Diversity, Know Your Customer

The “new age” customers are those younger generations who are the future customers for your brand. It is this group of people who are more concerned with the well-being of the planet, convenience and exclusivity. Focus on these areas when building your brand and draw in a new generation of customers.

Websites are a huge bone of contention. The younger generation perceives things at first glance. If they don’t like what they see off the bat, they will click to the next that may not be as informative, but easier on the eye. User interface and UX is a priority. 

This generation thrives on the social aspects of the online world. Create something that allows them to express themselves and interact with each other and with you. 

An extremely valid comparison was made between the Apple brand and the Android brand. It became apparent that the sleek design, ease of use and exclusivity of Apple is something that is celebrated by both young and old. Apple is an exemplary brand that has grown and achieved success through the way in which it is showcased to the world and the value which it offers its users. Apple is a brand that overcame what some might have thought to be a shortfall, the closed system. This is the perfect example of branding and a brand story that speaks to the customer. 

Everything you say and do as a business owner, whether online or face to face will influence people and the design of your brand. How you relate to brands is a lot about how you relate to people. When you meet someone for the first time, you start forming impressions about them. Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room. That’s why you may want to try and build a brand that leads with a belief system. 

Your brand is the quiet voice in the customer’s ear that says you have to work with this hvac marketing company. The younger generation is ready to buy. They don’t believe that things define them. Times have changed and so should your company and your brand. After all, to be successful in business and in life, you have to really know and understand your customer. 

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