Home Services Search Trends During The Lockdown

Home Services Search Trends During The Lockdown

While some business owners may feel that continuing to market their services during this period is fruitless, this is actually the perfect opportunity to put your business a few steps ahead of the competition. After all, data points across all of the essential industries tell a different story. Online searches for plumbing and HVAC SEO services may have dipped slightly, however, they are once more beginning to climb. With significantly less competition during this period, taking bold steps now will guarantee that your business shows up organically for years to come. There’s a reason why they say that freedom lies in being bold. Are you ready to become the number one home services player in your area and take the biggest chunk of the market share?

Being Stuck At Home Increases Demand

During these long, drawn-out lockdown periods, families are confined to their homes. In effect what this means is that plumbing and HVAC systems will be feeling the strain of usage on a large scale. Instances of breakdown are more likely. If you have technicians in the field who are able to attend calls it is vital that you make this known to the general public. Inform your potential customers that you are available to assist with their emergencies. Assure them that you are abiding by the laws governing the lockdown and that you are taking all the necessary precautions. Show them how your employees are safe and will work according to government-stipulated health standards. Here’s a quick overview of the recommended marketing activities during these trying times:

  • Double down on your SEO Strategy
  • Send daily emails to your list
  • Make sure you show up on local listings
  • Publish entertaining content on social media
  • Invest in Pay-Per-Click

This is definitely a great time to keep communication lines wide open. Maintaining an SEO Company in Houston TX and being assertive in your marketing plans will engage customers who are in need of your services. More people sitting around at home equates to more people online and on social media platforms like Facebook. Broaden your SEO marketing plan to include aggressive Facebook ad campaigns. The more you show up in the news feed for the better. If you prefer an organic approach we have prepared a social media library you can use free of charge. But we didn’t stop there! Here’s a complete list of all the free tools, webinars, and cutting-edge solutions we have provided so far.

If you require some assistance with selecting keywords that will prove effective during this time you can visit Google Trends. Type in potential keywords and gauge their performance in the past and present. This will give you some understanding and indication of the pattern at play. Keyword selection is crucial. Use the site to assist you in deciphering the valuable data that unfold before your eyes. Type in your selected keywords and see which are performing at peak. It is a good idea to change up the keywords from time to time to increase your audience reach and engage new, potential clients with the help of SEO content writing and high-authority backlinks.

Besides the obvious call-outs during the pandemic, a time will come where life resumes as normal. You need to guarantee that your business is present whenever people search for plumbing or HVAC services. You must bear in mind that most SEO strategies yield results a few months down the line. You will be rewarded for your consistency and come out on the winning side.

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