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Graphics Design and Branding

What We Do: Graphics Design and Branding

No matter what business or industry you’re in, your brand for your company should reflect your values and your product or services message. We want to help you find that value driven proposition and bring it to life with style. Great design is important but without visitors coming to your site it is a waste of time and money. So we will work with you to create branding that will attract visitors and keep them around wanting more.

Boring Boring Boring = Limited to No Results

We have a matter of seconds to keep someone’s attention and make their initial impression favorable, whether it’s on your website, social sites, video or any printed materials. Second rate, class B pics and videos and boring content will chase them away. Having different brand guidelines or no brand guidelines across different business units, franchises or locations leaves your potential customers muddled and confused. Instead your values and purpose needs to leap from every page, in your logo, your content, your color scheme and even your font style. Your website will then exemplify confidence and professionalism, telling your visitors that you are offering them the very best services in town.

The challenge for a one person start up is very different from a million dollar enterprise. The startup founder may try being creative himself…. hiring a Triple F to design the logo, brochure, menu, website or anything related to the business.

What’s a Triple F? Friends, Family and Fools.

Might sound harsh, and we understand you want to give it a shot yourself, let your blooming designer child take a whack at it, or let Mary, the one person company from your Chamber meeting take a stab at your brand… please, stop. This is one mistake that costs way more to do it the wrong way then do it professionally. We love you, and that you have learned photoshop (or the free version) now it’s time to focus on the the things that bring you the highest leverage results and let professionals handle the rest.

Whether you are a start up or growing enterprise, it’s time to elevate your brand, your business and your results.

Graphics Design and Branding

Creative Design and Branding