Email Marketing


Email Marketing

$ 250
  • 1 HTML Email
  • Monthly Email Drip Campaign
  • Monthly Metrics (Reporting)


Email Marketing

$ 350
  • 2 HTML Emails
  • Funnel Campaign (Up to 4 Emails)
  • Customer Journey Outline
  • Monthly Metrics (Reporting)


Email Marketing

$ 450
  • 3 HTML Emails
  • Funnel Campaign + Drip Campaign
  • Social Media Integration
    (Up to 3 Platforms)
  • Custom Social Media Posting
  • Monthly Metrics (Reporting)
Best Value

KPI's for Successful Email Campaigns


Website is generating new leads that can go into your designated funnels based on their purchase or interests

Having a fully-functional CRM to hold and categorize incoming and existing leads



CSR team to answer and schedule leads, collect valuable customer contact information, and tagging those leads in a CRM system so they can be added to future campaigns

An email campaign system like GetDrip, Constant Contact, Zoho Campaigns, MailChimp, etc.


Email marketing is a great way to re-engage your existing customer base. If you have a list of contacts that you have worked with in the past, but have not had the time or ability to remarket to those clients, this is for you. Having regular campaigns will give you the future touch-point that every business relies on to keep steady engagement.