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We are often referred to as Technology and Marketing Church. Education is the core of our companies culture. The more educated a client is, the better decisions they can make.

Throughout our “sales process” we spend our time educating. These are referred to as Free Consultations or Strategy Sessions. Whether you are a client or not, we are dedicated to helping empower businesses to grow through knowledge, mentorship and prioritization.

We are focused on helping businesses do the right things, in the right order, at the right time.

We have developed an entire training website to archive training webinars you may have missed. You can visit this site at Here you can watch prior trainings or register for our weekly webinar. We believe that a one or a two-day workshop sometimes does more harm than good. It can often derail a strategy, by interjecting small pieces of information into a business without the information necessary to know if now is the right time for implementation.

Attending a social media meeting and learning how to tweet from a twit may be just the right distraction to derail you from success. Business strategy requires critical thinking, the ability to prioritize and focus on high leverage activities. Success depends on a number of variables, especially in a constantly moving landscape. To become a critical thinker, you must understand all of the basic principles of a marketing strategy, understand the integration and impact on all areas of the business and be able to properly prioritize these activities to achieve maximum results for your efforts.

Through our strategy, consultation and educational courses, we can help you decipher what marketing activities should be performed in what order to achieve accelerated results.

We must focus on compression.

Compressing time, by leveraging the right technology, strategy, network, mindset and behavior.