Does Website Design Have An Impact On SEO?

In the modern SEO world, web design practices play a pivotal role. User experience has become an important search engine ranking factor. Because of this, the structure of your website and how users interact with it directly impact your site’s rankings in the search results. So if you are aspiring to start your online HVAC business, it is imperative to understand the link between SEO and website design. 

Understanding How Website Design Impact SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was more specific a few years back. It predominantly revolved around content and keywords. Nevertheless, search engines gradually became more people-oriented with time and improved internet use. They started crawling platforms that fulfill user requirements, answer their queries, and improve their web browsing experience. 

However, in modern times, search engines do not just require a website but stress providing a web experience that provides users what they want in as few clicks, in the least possible time, and in the most extensive way. Now, blocking content authenticity and key phrases, most of the above aspects are related to web development and design, so web design impacts SEO rankings considerably.

Top Ways in Which Website Design Impacts SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Here are some ways a website design impacts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

  • Google and Other Search Engines do Not Rank Poorly Designed Websites.

Search engines like Google resonate with human preferences and dislikes. What upsets and annoys human beings also upsets online search engines. For instance, aspects such as intricate layouts, pop-ups, flashing ads, unprofessional fonts, etc., are all barriers to improving search engine rankings. Luckily, you do not have to live with poor elements, and many SEO-friendly fonts, templates, and designs increase search engine rankings.

  • Search Engines Better Rank Easily Navigable Websites

In this modern world, where virtual recognition matters immensely, websites represent the face of every online business. One of the crucial aspects of website development and design is the navigational comfort of the website. While websites with more seamless navigation prove user-friendly, websites that are not easy to navigate are a big turn-off. Regardless of its quality content, such a website does not delight users and stands less likely to rank higher on the search engine results pages.

  • Modern Search Engines Require Quicker Websites.

A few years back, Google declared that it would consider the website load speed while deciding the rankings of a particular website since it is directly related to user experience. While browsing the internet, a gradually loading website is among the most annoying and frustrating concerns. Therefore, as search engines move to become more user-oriented, websites that take more than three seconds to load do not rank higher on search engines.

  • Search Engines Like Ranking Websites With a Better Mobile-responsive Design

Since almost every person worldwide owns a smartphone, approximately 52% of the website traffic comes through smartphones. A mobile-friendly website design facilitates users to browse the website through their smartphones and does not need them to use a desktop or a laptop. Furthermore, Google and other search engines prefer ranking websites with excellent mobile-responsive design and other important aspects such as content, layout, navigational ease, etc.

  • Search Engines Highly Rank Easy to Crawl Websites.

While web developers should always prioritize the requirements of human users, they also have to offset the demands of search engine crawlers. If you make the incorrect web design preferences, you can unintentionally make it challenging for web crawlers to index your platform, hurting SEO rankings. 

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