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Custom Website Design & Development


Custom Website Design & Development

When making decisions about your website, you need to understand all the pros and cons of the different types of systems and applications you can choose to get the job done. The first thing you need to do is avoid the triple “F’s”… Friends, Family, and Fools. Your website should be your most powerful asset for your business. This is your representation to the world of who you are, what you do, and how you do it! Your online image, or lack of, directly speaks to the customer about the quality of your products and service, whether true or not!

A lot of business owners make mistakes when it comes to their website, simply because they don’t know or understand that there’s many different ways to get a website built. For example, a small business may start off using many of the inexpensive, or free website building applications to build their website. The problem is, if the application uses tabular data tables, Google can’t properly crawl the website. Therefore, this solution doesn’t produce desirable results. Sure, it may look pretty, but not many people will see how pretty it is, because they can’t find your website when doing a Google search. It might cost you more at first to have a professional site built, but imagine the cost of having to rebuild it the right way. More importantly, imagine the cost of the business you’ve lost because it’s hard to find you on the internet. That’s impossible to calculate, but scary to think about!

Website development has to be done in a way that allow search engines to properly scan and rank your website.  There are many ways to build a website. Unfortunately, many free, or low cost website builders don’t do that. Therefore, they typically don’t produce the type of long term results you’re looking for to build your business.

Let CI Web Group build your website right the first time! By utilizing the right platform, we can help ensure your online marketing success. One of the most popular, and effective platforms for building a website is WordPress. Not only is it a powerful tool for managing your digital content, it’s also allows Google robots to fully scan your website. That’s important, because that’s largely how Google determines how to rank your website when people search for products and services in your area, like your business provides.

WordPress is theme based, and allows the designer to create a unique custom designed PSD file. That’s a Photoshop file that the developer will overlay in a WordPress environment. This process gives the website a powerful presence because your look of your site comes directly from an artist. This allows you to look and compete with larger competitors. The technology behind WordPress allows you to have a custom web design, in an incredible content management system. It gives you the ability to easily modify, edit, change, and add content. Previously, technology like WordPress was only capable with custom coding… costing thousand, and thousands of dollars.

There’s so much more you can achieve if you’re thinking in the right direction. Building your website using the proper technology is a vital first step. Whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, each one of these website building solutions give you the ability to integrate with other solutions, like blogging, social media integration, online scheduling systems, video applications, customer relationship management systems, financial applications, and more.


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 Whether you are a one person start up or a billion dollar corporation, the quality and appearance of your website is always priority.

We stamp our brand at the bottom of every website, like a proud parent so we can show you off with every opportunity.

Our Dallas based Custom Website Design and Development Agency provides quality, high performance websites.

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