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Content Writing and Editing

What We Do: Content Writing and Editing

When it comes to marketing, CONTENT is king! Content, simply put, is text… the written word. Your ability to have the right content in the right place gives you the ability to communicate your message, reach the right customers, and convert individuals into new business.

Content is literally used everywhere… and it’s a continuing process! Google wants content to be added to your website and social media accounts on a consistent basis. Just because you’ve built a beautiful website, doesn’t mean you’re done. Some content is permanent, some content is temporary. CI Web Group can help you to create incredible content that can be leveraged, over and over again through your website, blog posts, articles, newsletters, excerpts on social media sites, and so forth. It’s critical to being able to market your business.

Your Words Matter!

If you think about it, your sales professionals, your executives, your customer service team all  use content day in and day out. Repeating the same message over and over and over again.  If you find yourself saying the same thing more than once a day, that content should be digitized, and made into a physical asset that can used over and over again. This will give you time to focus on other things beneficial to your business.

Afterall, web pages, blog articles, social media posts, and so on, all increase your presence and authority online. The bottom line is: video, web, search, social, mobile, none of it works without content. Hiring CI Web Group to write your content is a critical investment in your business that can help you literally go from achieving no results, to average results, to incredible results!


Words Are Currency… They Are Forever

They work for you while you work on the business. They represent your company, your culture, and you.
Investing in SEO and social media is almost pointless without having anything to say.

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