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We don’t live in an era of change but in a change of era.

The old systems have stopped functioning and the new systems are in a state of development. In this in-between period, the only constant will be change and the power to adapt quickly, a key element in survival.

In such a state of flux it is essential that change is also supported from the inside. That people love the dynamics of an ever changing perspective. Which is only possible if we keep a few things consistent. That’s where your identity comes in. The what and how of your operation can change but not the who. People need to feel attached to the ‘who and that ‘who’ needs to operate consistently and predictable.

Sometimes the ‘who’ is personified by the management but especially in larger organizations, the who should be a crucial and living element of the culture. Sometimes still connected to the original founder it is a way in which the who is expressed.

Every organization has a personality.

It is in the way we communicate, what we as an organization feel is important, it is that often unspoken way of doing things, the unwritten rules. All this personality is a way for the identity to come to life. And if we are aware of our identity it becomes a strong steering mechanism in times of continuous change.

How much is your organization focussed on selling products?! How much are you focussed on price, discounts and numbers?! Perhaps the added value proposition might come in handy?! Often our world is the only reality we observe. Yet, if we take a little more holistic approach one might be able to see a new reality. Where selling becomes co-creating and price becomes value.

How to do so?! Think backyard versus front-yard. In the backyard are your products, in the front-yard is any possible combination of your products, those of others and any form of service, warehousing or delivery. Think of the car-industry. Just-in-time completely manufactured dashboard arrive which are implemented in the cars being produced. And such a dashboard contains a lot of innovation, logistics, components etc which are valued higher than the worth of the individual components.

We Promise to encourage Change in ourselves and in You.