Woods & Matlock North Texas Family Attorney Law Firm Case Study

Woods & Matlock, P.C. is a law firm located in McKinney, Texas that specializes in divorce and other family law matters. The firm is renowned for its extensive legal experience and skilled versatility in handling divorce and other types of family law cases. Their exclusive focus on family law makes them experts in their field, and their results speak for themselves. They offer a personalized service focused on resolving domestic issues, and in return they wanted CI Web Group to help them get clients online in a reliable manner, while opening up their business to new markets


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205 W. Louisiana Street,
Suite 103, McKinney,
TX 75069



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increase in leads



increase in organic traffic
and paid traffic**



visibility for Family law

*Comparing organic website performance from April, 2017 – December, 2019
**Looking at organic keyword visibility for family law key phrases + McKinney, TX and surrounding areas


The Outcome



Projected Increase In Sales Volume (1 Year)



Increase In Monthly
Visibility (paid traffic)



Increase In organic
and paid traffic



Stable Monthly

Digital marketing’s popularity has grown exponentially the past ten years. It has been the preferred advertising medium for quite some time now, regardless of industry or profession. Our client Woods & Matlock decided to take the plunge almost half a decade ago. They were reluctant to keep on investing in print and radio, since their competition was moving towards digital with leaps and bounds. Everyone’s attention has shifted to their smartphone screen, and we know all too well how folks search online for any potential solutions to their problems.

When we first met Kay Woods and Robert Matlock, they didn’t have a website. Building a website is like buying or renting a new house. No one will be able to visit you unless they have the new address, and for them to have it you need to share it with them. We worked through their new website in lighting fast speed, in order to kickstart the work that would actually improve the firm’s sales, not just their branding and aesthetics. The online competition is very harsh in the legal field, and after our expectations meeting we came up with a strategy that would skyrocket their results within the next 6 months.

Context & Challenge


Lawyers deal with our livelihoods more than any other profession, apart from doctors. They have an immense responsibility towards their clients, and proving that you are the right legal firm for the job is a tough nut to crack. It’s a balancing act, you need your business to emanate a feel of solid trust, while showcasing your past results by preserving anonymity, and making sure they understand why you are the best team for the case in question. Family law, to make matters worse, is the most sensitive issue of them all. When someone decides to initiate divorce proceedings they almost always begin their research on Google.

The amount of money involved is very substantial, and one small mistake might mean thousands in lost alimony and a perilous future for their children. Domestic lawyers are everywhere, and they try to rank their legal practices on Google for years. We had to act fast. We laid out an all-encompassing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, complete with an insurmountable amount of valuable backlinks and numerous pages of content optimized for their chosen keywords and location. Woods & Matlock, P.C. went from the 6th page of Search Engine Results to the 2nd page in a matter of 80 days. From there, getting to the first page was only a matter of time. To top it all off, we advised the client to invest in Pay-Per-Click, which yielded a very healthy ROI, and complemented our SEO strategy.


Here at CI Web Group, we help you grow your business so you can have more time with the ones you love. The client thought that once we made their website live, most of the work was done, but they weren’t able to believe what ensued the next 6 months. We were so successful they told us to try and shut our campaigns down for a while.

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Our company has been helping customers with different projects for many years. With this experience, we are proud to be the chosen digital marketing agency for Goodman, Mitsubishi, Amana, Daikin, and many more distributors.


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