Trinity Event Staffing Case Study

Just One Call is a home comfort company which operates in and around Glendale, CA specializing in heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical. Even though they started as a father-son business back in 2005, Just One Call is now one of the top and preferred service providers throughout the SoCal region. Within two months, CI Web Group was able to revamp their digital marketing strategy, increasing customer engagement and sales volume on multiple fronts.


Staffing Agency


Search Engine Optimization
and Pay-Per-Click



11520 N Central Expy #230
Dallas, TX 75243



  • Branding, Web & Tech
  • Content
  • Conversion Systems
  • Local Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Traffic


increase in organic leads



increase in organic and
paid traffic**



visibility for event staffing keywords

*Comparing organic website performance from February, 2017 – January, 2020
**Looking at organic keyword visibility for event staffing key phrases + Austin, Dallas and Houston, TX and surrounding areas


The Outcome



Projected Increase In Sales Volume (1 Year)



Increase In Monthly Visibility (paid traffic)



Increase In Organic and paid traffic**



Stable Monthly

Back in 2017, Trinity Event Staffing was trying to decide whether to invest in print, radio or digital marketing. The company had attempted to put their first website up with the help of a local web developer. The website was lacking very important conversion features and their digital marketing strategy was basically non-existent. The website had been built, but there wasn’t any work being done to generate traction and leads.

At the same time, Trinity’s competition was moving forward with leaps and bounds in their effort to conquer the digital landscape for their keywords. After a couple of meetings, we nailed down all the details of their business as well as their new website. The website itself was ready in 38 days, and the next step was building out our lead generation strategy for Trinity, which yielded fruit in a little over the 60 days mark.

Context & Challenge

Hiring event staff is a complicated process. People looking to hire folks for a few hours at a time generally have a hard time finding quality talent, and they tend to discover how bad of a choice they made only when it’s too late. Trinity Event Staffing had some recurring clientele before they approached us, but it was evident that they were losing traction to their competitors. Here at CI Web Group, we know all too well that getting a website up is only half the battle. And that’s the reason why we decided to expedite the process, without compromising on quality. Website content, graphics, and conversion systems were all placed on the site within a week. Consequently, we managed to create a strategy that was expected to start surpassing their competitor’s in 3 short months. This very same strategy is in place today, and we never stopped growing this account on behalf of our clients. In order to do this, we leveraged our wealth of knowledge on Search Engine Optimization and Paid traffic.

Trinity Event Staffing went from the 8th page of Search Engine Results Pages all the way to the second page in just 160 days for most of their key phrases. Soon thereafter, we started ranking first and second place for most vital keywords. Someone would have thought that the mission was accomplished at this point, but we didn’t stop there


Whenever we take up a client, we go above and beyond to connect with them. That’s where all the magic happens; we identify with their fears and opportunities and understand their market, and therefore we produce a significant return on investment for their hard earned marketing dollars. We treat the business as if it was our own baby. After 6 months, and as soon as we had established Trinity’s dominance over their competition, we turned our focus to paid traffic sources in order to end the debate on who is the best staffing company in the state of Texas once and for all


fine Print

Our company has been helping customers with different projects for many years. With this experience, we are proud to be the chosen digital marketing agency for Goodman, Mitsubishi, Amana, Daiken, and many more distributors.

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