Supreme Air & Plumbing Case Study

Supreme Air & Plumbing is a home services company based out of Baltimore, MD. We have been on the digital sales wheel since March 2018, and our results have been nothing but stellar. Within the first 3 months into our proven 12 Step Roadmap, Supreme Air managed to deploy a robust web asset which surpassed 17 competitor websites, dominated search engine results pages with lighting-fast speed and resulted in 54% monthly increase in service call volume from organic promotion alone. Our most recent success revolves around a 360-degree rebranding effort across Social Media, Press Releases, Logo Creation, Web Design, and Newsletter (Email) Marketing. The company had been investing in TV, radio and print for years, but they had never experienced the true power of digital marketing until partnering with CI Web Group.


HVAC and  Plumbing


Organic Domination In High-Competition Area, Lead Generation, Pay-Per-Click Leads on Demand


4401 Eastern Ave #17, Baltimore MD 21224


Branding, Web & Tech
Conversion Systems
Local Marketing
Reviews. Pr. Reputation
Social Marketing
Search Optimization


increase in organic leads


increase in organic traffic**


First page visibility for HVAC terms

*comparing organic website performance from March 30, 2018 – October 16, 2019
**Looking at organic keyword visibility for AC/Heating + Baltimore

The Outcome


Projected Increase In Sales Volume (1 Year)


Increase In Monthly Visibility


Increase In
Organic Traffic


Keywords Ranking
On The First Page


Number of
Technicians & Trucks

Thirty short days after the launch of the client’s new website and revamped digital marketing strategy, the company saw an immediate 23% increase in calls. They were not only getting more attention, but this attention was easily converted into paying customers. Their business began to flourish with an unprecedented rate, which resulted in hiring one extra technician.

A year and a half has now passed since we started working together and Mr Kougianos, the CEO of the now rebranded Supreme Service Today, couldn’t be happier. His company is blessed with a steady flow of incoming leads month in and month out. Not only did they obtain 626 verified leads in the past 180 days, but they also experienced a 38.9% increase in organic website traffic. The customers that chose them pushed their average job value higher, as the services they demanded brought in higher profits. Supreme saw a 103.4% increase in monthly visibility, and they were able to take advantage of this newfound popularity to secure sales.

Context & Challenge

The company was struggling to develop a digital marketing strategy that made sense. Their organic rankings were poor (3rd-7th page for most keywords), and their website was difficult to navigate, lacking essential elements. At CI Web Group, we saw this as an opportunity:

How could we come up with a strategy to rebuild, rebrand, and release a new image for Supreme that would bring in new customers? And how could we convert these individuals into paying customers in a short time frame? We had to act quickly. We needed a solution that combined marketing, sales, web design, SEO, branding, and design to give Supreme the push to start succeeding.


The people of Baltimore deserve easy access to honest heating, cooling and plumbing solutions. They were spending time searching, evaluating, and buying these services from other companies, but Supreme wasn’t on their radar. In order to fix this, we orchestrated a powerful plan to make their name more visible in their local area by leveraging the most cutting-edge SEO practices. At the same time, we built their website to be extremely accessible, appealing immediately to anyone looking for HVAC services. We developed top-notch branding and messaging, online schedulers, chatbots, prominent buttons, intuitive navigation, and rich content to not only give site visitors a reason to consider Supreme, but a reason to save them on their speed dial. By giving prospective buyers a platform that addressed all of their needs, it was easy to convert them into paying customers. Once we had the website published, we optimized their social media accounts and continued with our local domination agenda. The company has since bought two trucks.

fine Print

Our company has been helping customers with different projects for many years. With this experience, we are proud to be the chosen digital marketing agency for Goodman, Mitsubishi, Amana, Daiken, and many more distributors.

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