Folkes Heating and Cooling Case Study

Started by owner Dustin Folkes with one truck, Folkes Heating and Cooling has been faithfully serving the residents of the Hudson Valley since 1998. The company has now grown to over 20 employees, 11 trucks and an office all with the help of CI Web Group. When Dustin first reached out to us the good folks at Folkes Heating and Cooling hadn’t quite figured out their digital marketing strategy. They were having a relatively hard time finding new customers while their competition was conquering the online landscape. Their website had to change and fast, and the next focus area would be their Search Engine Optimization.




Digital Competition


850 Route 9,
Fishkill, NY 12524


Branding, Web & Tech
Conversion Systems
Local Marketing
Social Marketing
Paid Traffic


increase in leads


increase in organic
and paid traffic**


visibility for
HVAC terms

*Comparing organic website performance from January, 2018 – January, 2020
**Looking at organic keyword visibility for AC/Heating + Hudson Valley and surrounding areas 


The Outcome


Projected Increase In Sales Volume (1 Year)


Increase In Monthly
Visibility (paid traffic)


Increase In Organic
and Paid Traffic**


Stable Monthly

The company’s expert technicians were available to install and maintain all brands and types of equipment throughout Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties, but their competition was gaining ground since they already had a stronger grasp of digital marketing before Dustin decided to take the plunge. Their excellent job and down to earth pricing made lots of noise through word of mouth, but they knew this wasn’t enough in the era of the internet. They had to make progress, and fast. In terms of SEO, their website was appearing on the 5th page of SERPs.

We came up with a plan to obliterate their local competition within 6 months. Aggressive SEO and content writing comprised the bulk of our work during the first few months, and especially after their new site went live. Their high-converting online presence could now be easily found by locals in need of top-tier HVAC services and we were now hard at work building the assets that would produce the needed eyeballs to their offers through organic and paid traffic.

Context & Challenge

Ci Web Group is the Preferred Digital Marketing Agency

We really wanted to help Dustin and his employees as fast as humanly possible. Our goal was to grow their customer list with great front-end offers, and keep in touch with them post-purchase with nice emails for the long run. There are plenty of objective metrics and KPIs that can guarantee sales if tracked properly, but success is often in the eyes of the beholder. We asked Dustin’s thoughts on his personal definition of business growth for his company, as well as the data that he would need to see to verify progress. The client picked one of our high-converting website templates and our expert team of developers added artificial intelligence chatbots, online schedulers, blog posts, and the ability to leave reviews. Our goal here was to come up with a tangible way to show visitors that Folkes Heating was more than capable of helping them with their home comfort at a price they would love.

All of this effort would be in vain if we didn’t have a solid plan to create heaps of incoming traffic to their new website. The offers themselves don’t matter one bit if the people looking for them are having a hard time finding the offers in the first place. As a result, we had to make sure that the website ranked for the relevant search phrases. We kept on optimising the website (and still do up until this day) in an effort to keep healthy levels of inbound organic traffic.


It all starts with data. Where we are, where we want to go and how we are going to get there. Once we mapped out where Just One Call was lacking, it was straightforward for our team to come up with an all-inclusive, custom marcom strategy made to destroy our client’s competition. Search Engine Optimization was a priority because we had to make their brand more visible to people looking for their services, at the places where they want to find them the most. We created a beautiful website with sales creation as the only overarching goal. We added the latest tools and gizmos, things like chatbots, optimised lead forms, online schedulers, intuitive user experience and menus, and last but not least great content that drove our SEO strategy.  Just One Call saw an approximate increase in sales by an astounding 76.8% after 365 days.

fine Print

Our company has been helping customers with different projects for many years. With this experience, we are proud to be the chosen digital marketing agency for Goodman, Mitsubishi, Amana, Daikin, and many more distributors.

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