Crossway Mechanical Case Study

Crossway Mechanical has been serving the NW Greater Houston area for over 20 years. Being a proud family-owned business, the team provides personalized service for residential and light commercial HVAC needs that never fails to impress. Crossway may rank high in integrity, honesty, value for money and timely service, but they were
having a very hard time getting the word out.




Low Traffic On Website,
Old Technology


327 S. Persimmon St. Suite A,
Tomball, TX 77375


Branding, Web & Tech
Conversion Systems
Local Marketing
Reviews. Pr. Reputation
Social Marketing
Search Optimization


increase in organic leads


increase in organic traffic**


First page visibility for HVAC terms

*comparing organic website performance from May 1st, 2019 – December 10, 2019
**Looking at organic keyword visibility for AC/Heating + Tomball, TX and surrounding areas

The Outcome


Projected Increase In Sales Volume (1 Year)


Increase In Monthly Visibility


Increase In
Organic Traffic


Keywords Ranking
On The First Page


Number of

Like every client we take in, we examined Crossway’s current digital strategy to figure out what had to change. They were very good at providing HVAC services to Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, but they were not so great at attracting clients using proven digital marketing strategies and techniques. It made sense – these are not cross-functional skills by any means. Although they had tried to increase their online visibility before signing up with us, the competition was still beating them. We knew that our team could help them, but it would take considerable effort since their competitors had been working on the very same strategies for longer.

Context & Challenge

Being so low in the search rankings was something that we desperately needed to improve, as most people rarely ever search that far down. This effectively made them invisible to anyone seeking out their help. We knew that they could deliver high-quality services when they secured clients, but they needed help improving their brand recognition. We took on this project because we know how digital marketing works. We have helped countless other organizations by improving their recognizability and building their reputations. We have built out high-converting websites and promoted businesses to open up completely new and untouched markets to their services. The biggest problem we had identified was that Crossway’s website wasn’t giving them enough viewers. With no viewers, they wouldn’t even have a chance to earn new customers. Once we realized this, we knew that there were two main goals for this campaign: to improve visibility and to convert site visitors to paying customers.


In order to increase the amount of organic traffic navigating to their website, we had to boost its search rankings. As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, we researched the most popular keywords for their industry and crossreferenced them with the locations that they served. Once we knew the top searches in their area, we customized every page and post on their website to cater to these phrases. From there, all we had to do was to provide visitors with a strong enough reason to buy before they clicked away. We did this by building out their website, adding online schedulers, chatbots, blog posts, review capabilities, and high-quality content. We turned their website into so much more than a landing page. For customers needing advice, we wrote best practice guides. For customers looking for assistance with product selection, we wrote product descriptions. And for customers looking for an HVAC contractor, we did everything in our power to make them appear to be the most qualified and trustworthy provider in the area. When we managed to get a steady flow of leads month in and month out using organic SEO, we turned our attention to paid traffic during peak season (PPC) that further boosted their sales.

fine Print

Our company has been helping customers with different projects for many years. With this experience, we are proud to be the chosen as a digital marketing agency for Goodman, Mitsubishi, Amana, Daikin, and many more distributors.

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