Can CI Web Group Integrate?

Can CI Web Group Integrate?

Here at CI Web Group, we get a lot of questions on who and what we can integrate with. The answer is always “Yes!”, we can integrate with any platform or tool. Our seamless integration services make it easier than ever to manage your business.

What Types of Integration Are There?

  • Dispatch
  • Scheduling
  • Financing
  • Invoicing
  • Online Checkout
  • Reviews Acquisition
  • Pixels
  • Analytics
  • Much More

Dispatch Integration

Your dispatch system is the hub of your business, keeping the troops in line and prepared. Most dispatch systems have the ability to also have a user interface online so a customer can schedule or at least fill out a form. When that call-to-action gets submitted, the lead’s information goes directly into your dispatch system.

Scheduling Integration

An online scheduler allows your website traffic to choose a time to speak with you or a time frame for services to be rendered. Make doing business with you easy for the average, busy consumer. Integrate your scheduling system into your website.

Financing Integration

There are multiple ways to integrate financing into your website. You may just have a phone number for people to call to get approved, there may be a button where people can apply to get approved, or you may have it directly working with your shopping cart. Offering to finance directly online is just another to make your customers’ experience the best it can be online.

Invoicing Integration

Whatever software you are using to send out invoicing should be on your website so people can pay their bills with ease. On another note, sending invoices by text makes it super easy for a customer to work with you, creating a positive association with your business.

Online Checkout

We offer integration with e-Commerce solutions, QuickBooks, we even help you get set up with a Merchant Account. Making sales online has never been easier!

Reviews Acquisition

Need to get your reviews system integrated into your website? No problem at all! All we need is the code, and we’ll get it displayed right away!

Pixel Integration

Placing a Pixel on your website is a great way to track website visitors and remarket to them later on. HVAC marketing company integrates seamlessly so you can get the most out of your website. We even offer our fusion marketing Pixel integration that sends out first-class postcards to website visitors.

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