What is Schema?

We get the question “What is Schema?” a lot as a digital marketing company.

Schema, or structured data, is a way for your website to communicate directly with search engines – using its own language. This data makes it easy for Google to look over a website and see exactly what type of site it is, what products and services are for sale, as well as many other custom post-types that can help bring web traffic. CI Web Group has a dedicated technical SEO companies that specializes in schematic markup.

What Types of Schema Are There?

There are many, many different types of schema, but we pay very close attention to Review, Local Business, Product, Service, Person, Event, and Article markups. By catering to Google, you will be able to show, in writing, that you are the best option for a search term and that search engines should rank your website. There are also Course, Recipe, Job Posting, Software Application, Book, and many other custom types of schema that could be useful to businesses.

How Do I Get Structured Data On My Website?

Easy! Just sign up for an SEO plan with us and it’s included. CI Web Group offers a wide variety of Digital and Fusion Marketing services for businesses just like yours. Armed with competitive pricing, we can make your phone ring!

At Ciweb Group Inc, We offer best SEO services for small business at an affordable price. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

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