Thriving in the New Normal – Week 2

Thriving in the New Normal | HVAC Dealer Training Series

Maintaining Small Business Goals

Goodman’s Dealer First philosophy has never been more critical than it is right now. We are committed to providing your business with the support and value it needs to maintain your small business goals.

Please join us on Friday, March 27th at 12:00 PM CST for the 2nd of our 16-week series, How to Thrive in the New Normal.


You can view all Thriving in the New Normal broadcasts at,, or Select Dealer, > Training Resources and look for the Thriving in the New Normal logo.

During session 1, we covered the importance of developing a plan:

Have a plan

Initiate an adaptable business continuity plan and communicate that plan. Things to consider in your plan:

  • Solutions you can provide
  • Communication strategies
  • Tools necessary to properly diagnose problems in-person and virtually
  • In-person and remote selling strategies
  • Payment solutions
  • Customer retention strategy
  • Brand messaging

In session 2, we will cover the tools and resources available to you to help you thrive in a new normal by embracing the term virtual.

Virtual – (vir·​tu·​al) Can be used to describe anything that exists in effect, but not in fact; it is often used to describe things created in a computer or online world.

The Virtual Business Toolbox

Marketing Plan

What does a virtual sales experience look like, and how does the customer respond to this experience?

HVAC Sales Lab

Customer Reaches Out

What does a virtual office look like? What solutions do I need to implement to make this a success?

Thriving in the New Normal

CI Web Group, Inc.

Appointment Made

What does a virtual customer look like, and how do I find them? Learn how you can reach out to your current and future customers in order to grow a lifelong relationship.

Power Selling Pros

Problem Identified

What does a virtual training strategy look like, and how can you implement it today? Learn how to develop the capabilities of your team through both live and prerecorded virtual training events.

National Comfort Institute (NCI) – Free Trial Membership

Problem Solution

What does a virtual comfort advisor look like, and how do they thrive in this new world?

  • Keep your team in front of people, meet the people where they are or want to be
  • Get better at selling

Pro Comfort Advisor

Compensated for Services

What does virtual financing mean? People want to hold onto their money today more than ever. How can you offer financing without ever seeing your customers?

  • Offer financing without ever stepping foot into your customers home
  • 6% rebate on select plans from Greensky, Enerbank, and Mosaic
  • A streamlined process for getting signed up with the best solution for your business

EGIA Financing Clearing House

Customer for Life

What does virtual presence mean? How do you maintain your presence in front of your customers? Learn how to maintain your presence in front of your customers and build your brand equity.

Clean Comfort

Embrace Technology

Use technology to help increase your business’s overall efficiency. What manual process does your hvac marketing company utilize that could be automated?

Now is the time to identify the process for every transaction within your business! Review your current business operation methods and identify those that can be improved with technology.

Thank and Encourage Your People

Your staff is one of your most valuable assets. They may have concerns, need reassurances, and want to know how they can help. They need to hear from you. Communicate. Even in these unprecedented times, find ways for employees to enjoy their work and take time to recognize extraordinary efforts.

Be sure to join us on Friday, March 27th at 12:00 PM CST for the 2nd of our 16-week series, How to Thrive in the New Normal.


This event is hosted by the Goodman Business Toolbox, Amana Brand Business Academy, and Franklin HVAC University.


Benjamin Middleton

National Sales Training Manager

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