Plumbing Marketing: How to Generate Solid Leads

Plumbing Marketing – Generating Plumbing Leads through Organic SEO

As a plumber, it can be hard to compete with the big guys in town, but when you’ve got an experienced plumbing marketing team on your side, anything is possible. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we have the 12 Step Roadmap to success that any local services business should follow to build up the infrastructure of their business. It’s simple, start with a website, add content, then market it using SEO. Once you have leads coming in, add on conversion tools, local listings, and social media. Simple, right?

Websites for Plumbers

A good plumbing website should be focused on how a consumer like to convert. For instance, having your logo in the top left corner and your call to actions in the right is how consumers have been trained to read a website. Years ago, things were different. All the business information was down at the bottom of the website in what is called the “footer”. These days, the less a consumer has to scroll and search, the more likely they are to work with your company.

Structured Data for Plumbers

Not all plumber websites are built equal. It’s about more than just the placement of elements and proper call to actions. There should also be coded on the site called “structured data” this is a language that allows a search engine to very quickly determine what your website is about and show it where it makes sense in the search engine results page. Along with that, there should be one page for every product or service that you’d like to sell in every city that you want to sell it.

What Do You Wanna Sell, Where Do You Wanna Sell It?

Think of your website like a store. If you walk into a store looking for a specific item that they should have and they don’t have it, you can’t buy it. That store is not an option for your needs. Now, exchange yourself with Google. If you want to sell “Pipe Repair in Houston, TX” and you only have a page for “Pipe Replacement in Houston, TX,” you’re not an option. Similarly, if you want to sell “Shower Installation in Lewisville, TX” and you only have a page for “Shower Installation in Dallas, TX,” you are not an option.

It’s really quite simple!

Marketing for Plumbers

Once you have a solid website in place, it’s time to work on customer acquisition. Plumbing marketing is a mixture of Organic SEO and Paid Advertising, though we are huge proponents of a solid SEO background before moving into a paid campaign. Why? Because we believe in building a solid infrastructure of permanent assets that can be retained throughout the lifetime of the business. Whereas, with paid advertising, once the budget is burned through, it’s gone and there will not compound results over time. It’s a one time investment, where SEO is the gift that keeps giving!

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