Jamal Hicklen – Web Design Project Management

Jamal Hicklen – Web Design Project Management

 I am Jamal Hicklen, a business strategist fueled by compassion and dissatisfaction with the status-quo. To help you understand who I am and what I bring to the table; Let’s roll back in time and discuss the different steps that I took to get to the position I am in today.


While studying organizational/corporate communication at the University of Houston for 4 years I was able to understand that In a modern-day business or organization, both external and internal communication are crucial components of day-to-day business operations. For an organization to have success growing business operations, a coherent and functional internal communication process is needed so that it extends through the whole organization. Because of the array of communication channels available due to digitization, there is a great need to identify well-functioning communication processes and methods available.


  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Determination
  • Innovation
  • Respect

I feel it is important to share my values because values often define us through the eyes of public perception. While I believe it is important to have a separate set of values for business and personal life alike. the two often set often intertwine.

Marketing Career

I started my marketing career in Houston, where I met Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group Inc. I started at an entry-level position in the SEO departments for various accounts. I became very intrigued by the process of SEO and the effects it has on a businesses’ success. In the following months, I then completed several google certifications, such as Analytics, Ads, etc…Since then, I’ve transitioned into a project management role where I get to spread my wings and manage the entire process of executing strategies that are uniquely curated for each client and their circumstances.  I am passionate about building relationships, creating a story, and helping companies take their businesses to the next level.


Outside of work, I express my creative ideas through various activities such as:

  • Hosting a podcast
  • Audio engineering various productions of commercials, short films, and music videos
  • Orchestrating social media campaigns
  • Producing independent concerts
  • Producing concert recaps with music labels with Interscope Records under Universal Music Grou


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