How Can I Know Facebook Ads Are Helping My Business?

How can I know Facebook Ads are helping my business

How Can I Know Facebook Ads Are Helping My Business?

If your objective is to get leads: Within a few days of our ad campaigns, you will start getting leads through messages or calls (whichever way you had selected). You can also use a call tracking number specifically for these Facebook Ads campaigns to monitor the call leads from it. If you don’t already have a call tracking number we can use, we can create one for you.

If your objective is to create brand awareness for your business: At the end of the month we will provide you a report of all metrics, from your business reach to how many people remembered your business’ ad.

If your objective is to get conversion from the website: We will create a landing page for your website which you will receive leads from. This is a form of contact and you will be receiving leads from this page on your website through Facebook Ads.

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