Google Temporarily Disabled Reviews and Q&A

Google Reviews Disabled

In response to COVID-19, Google is temporarily disabling reviews and Q&A functionality on Google My Business listings. The primary focus is ensuring the “quality and reliability of this information”.

This means that your clients are not able to put new reviews on your GMB listing and you cannot respond to any reviews that have been left on your listing. With Google Q&A, you and your customers are unable to ask or answer questions via Google Q&A. Google will also, at this time, not support answering questions that have been asked previously.

Google hasn’t put out any statements on how long these services will be out of commission, but we are staying vigilant in watching for any news on these items. Check out Google’s article about how they are handling COVID 19 here:

For CI Web Group customers, we are taking the following actions:

  •  For all of our clients using NearbyNow we are re-routing all of your reviews to your website for SEO
  • For all of our clients with access to NearbyNow but not using it, we will move your service to content marketing which is more relevant and helpful than subscribing to a system you are not using diligently
  • For all of our clients who wish to collect reviews on your website during this time, let’s talk through smart options to do this. Show up for our webinar so you can learn about the various options depending on your CRM and situation.
It’s possible that other technology, directory and social media sites will take their guidance from Google and they may also turn off their reviews functionality during the crisis.
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