Free COVID 19 Safety Video for HVAC Dealers

YouTube Channel and Video

The events of the past days and weeks have been unsettling, to say the least. So in an effort to help you with your clients, we’ve put this video together as a means for communicating with your clients about how you will be conducting your business during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here is the video we created for you:

Heating And Air Conditioning Is An Essential Service During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Start a branded Youtube channel. Here is how: Once you do this simple task and assign as the manager… we will handle the rest!

You can also download the video file from this google folder:

Then you can upload it to your Facebook account for distribution. We recommend NOT simply sharing the Youtube link on Facebook. FB will limit the audience reach since it’s a link to an external source (Youtube). They provide a much greater reach if you upload the file directly to Facebook.

If you are a CI Web Group Customer, we will take care of this for you – Just submit a help desk ticket to:

  1. Have the video placed directly on your website… preferably on your homepage:
  2. If you currently have a social media plan with hvac marketing company… We’ll upload the video to Facebook for you.

If you are one of our clients that already has a Youtube channel set up, and is a manager, then the video has already been added to your Youtube channel.

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