Design Agency Seattle

Design Agency Seattle — Pros and Cons and How to Find the Best

We hesitate to say that we are the best design agency in Seattle. We would rather invite you to meet with us and find out the quality of our work. We have been in this field for many years and have found out what it takes to create stunning websites on a regular basis. Chances are that this could be due to our experience. We too had our share of failures. However, unlike others, we have learned from our mistakes. We realize that typography plays an important role in designing websites. Apart from that, we constantly shift our strategies to keep up with the times.

Old is no longer gold

Gone are the days when people used to browse the net using desktops and laptops. Surveys reveal that more than 70 percent of people use their tablets and smart phones to access the net. This is why we have changed our designing strategy. The responsive technology we use makes for easy navigation and reading across a wide range of display units. This means that the code checks the device used to access it and delivers pages that render properly on it. We also implement fonts that people can read properly, even at small point sizes. In technical language this means discarding fixed layouts and replacing them with a fluid layout.

Linking pages properly

We know problems that people face while reading pages on their smart phones. Keeping this in mind, we use contrasting color schemes that are easy to read even if the person views the display unit on which it is displayed under bright sunlight. Get in touch with us today if you want your website to be ready for the future. We might not be the costliest design agency Seattle; however, repeat orders from our clients prove that we are one of the best.

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