SMS Marketing: Top Reasons Texting Can Help Your HVAC Business

Top Reasons SMS Marketing & Texting Can Help Your HVAC Business

Today is a busy and extremely fast-paced world and it gets difficult to keep up. There are, however, tools at your disposal that you might not haveTexting Marketing | CI Web Group considered before. One such tool is SMS marketing and texting for HVAC businesses.

Texting is probably the best tool because it takes you instantly and directly to the customer. Emails get forgotten or tossed in the spam folder. Unknown numbers go unanswered. Voicemails accidentally get deleted before being listened to.

Text messages (SMS marketing) for HVAC businesses though, tend to go through and get read almost instantly. Good communication helps a company stand out from those who lack dedication to customer service.

Seven Simple Ways SMS Marketing and Texting Will Help Your HVAC Business

  1. SMS WIDGET – One way to connect with new customers is by putting an SMS chat widget on your website that enables the customer to text you directly from your site. By giving people real-time responses that show you care about their needs.
  2. SIMPLER SCHEDULING – Texting makes scheduling so much easier because it allows you to communicate directly with them instead of waiting days or weeks for emails. When it comes to scheduling a new client, time is of the essence especially if they require repair.
  3. SEND ALERTS – It is easy to forget annual or seasonal HVAC appointments because life gets busy and sometimes, we forget things. Sending your clients, a simple reminder text letting them know when you are available for their next annual or biannual servicing giving them options for appointments will make it easier for them to schedule it without having to think too hard about it.
  4. STAY ON TOP OF TECHS – Keeping up with all “in the field” technicians can be a hassle at times. Texting solves these issues. It allows you to keep the phone line free for customers and allows you to stay up to date with employees in real-time.
  5. SIGN PAPERWORK – Using our services, you can share documents through text messages instead of having to be with a client in person to sign a contract, now you can do it right over your phone. Not everyone has a fax machine or a scanner to send the paperwork back to you. However, everyone has a phone, and we help make that exchange of documents happen.
  6. SIMPLE ADVERTISING – From time to time, you decide to give back and you can have a promotion or discount to offer your clients. Texting can be a great marketing tool; keyword promotions elevate business.
  7. REVIEWS – Nowadays in the business world, reviews are important. They let prospective clients know what previous clients thought. After every service visit, you can text the client with a link to where they can leave a review of your company’s performance.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Every text starts with a single keystroke. We are here to help, and we offer multiple plans depending on how many texts you think you need to send out. Talk to one of our experts today and we will get you started with whatever plan suits your needs.

Your business isn’t going to build itself. Your phone can be a great business tool if you take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer.

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