Client Spotlight: Lexany’s Heating and AC


Lexany’s Heating & AC launches its vibrant new homepage redesign.

Today, Lexany’s Heating & AC launches its vibrant new homepage redesign. Dynamic, family oriented photographs and fact-filled animations grab visitors’ attention right from the start. Better still, this sales-boosting investment was funded by its Results Plan.

Following the same red, white and blue color scheme as its logo, every page features inviting calls to action, carefully placed for easy clicking. These high-impact CTAs are a surefire way of turning casual browsers into leads, prospects and sales.  

Always focused on Safety, Comfort, Health and Energy Efficiency, Lexany’s Heating & AC is well aware that Health is the most important aspect right now. Keeping pace with the COVID-19 crisis, a professionally produced video offers reassurance on coronavirus contamination during calls. Compliant with the latest CDC recommendations, Lexany’s service teams protect their customers’ health while servicing their equipment, through social distancing, hand sanitizers and face masks.

Backed by almost a decade of experience, Lexany treats its customers like friends. A step-by-step Troubleshooter offers hints on simple DIY repairs, without calling in a technician, while a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating calculator helps homeowners work out how much they could save by upgrading their current equipment. All these assets, from their logo and awesome videos all the way to their SEER and troubleshooter calculators, were produced by our team here at hvac marketing company.

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