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Let’s Color: The Story of Barron Heating

Three Generations of Community Involvement: a Real-life Success Story that’s Still Being Written

Everyone loves a tale with a happy ending – and the history of Barron Heating and Air Conditioning tells how one man struggled to make his dream come true, with new happy endings every day for families in his community! This free coloring book (which can be viewed and downloaded page by page singly, as a double-page spread, or as a complete PDF document) is a gift recounting the true story of sheet metal-worker Dan Barron, who followed his father into the trade, way back in the 1960s.

Semper Fidelis

After a couple of years in the Marines as an aircraft mechanic, Dan decided to return to his roots. Before long, he was known as one of the best sheet-metal workers in Seattle, renowned for doing the work of three men. Even this early in his career, Dan was well aware of the importance of a solid work ethic and an impeccable reputation within his community.

True Love

It wasn’t long before Dan fell in love with the lovely Vivian, who soon became his beautiful bride – and the mother of their four children. More than just raising their own brood, Dan, and Vivian shared a dream of helping other families in Washington State, by helping to keep their homes safe and comfortable.

This was the springboard for starting up their own heating and air conditioning business: Barron Air Solutions. Very much a mom-and-pop operation at the start, Vivian’s ‘office’ was her kitchen table, while the family garage became Dan’s workshop.

The Early Days

Eager for fresh challenges, Dan, and Vivian moved their young family to Bellingham, the county seat, and the most populous town in Whatcom County. Just twenty miles away from the Canadian border, this popular outdoor sports destination was where they planned to expand their budding business even faster, spurred by its cold, wet winters and strong winds blowing in over the bay.

Here, in the shadow of the North Cascades, is where they raised their kids and built up strong links throughout this tight-knit community. Well aware that doing good is a great way to do well, their warmth and generosity helped Barron Air Solutions grow into one of the leading HVAC marketing company in the Pacific Northwest.

Second Generation

In this busy family, the youngest son John was always a bundle of energy. Idolizing his dad, he followed in his footsteps, initially as a novice-sheet metal-worker working part-time at the family firm. Over time, John qualified as a mechanic and then moved into sales. Here, his broad network of local contacts was an invaluable source of prospects that he skillfully turned into fair deals that were good for both sides. Growing up in the area, his ties throughout the local community endowed him with priceless insights into the needs and preferences of families of all sizes, building up trust and confidence among current and potential customers.

Third Generation

As the company expanded, John kept pace with its progress, firming up his position as a natural leader and becoming a part-owner of Barron Heating after his parents retired. As the third generation keeping this tradition alive, John’s son Brad is now the latest recruit to this thriving family business, now extending its connections with the grandchildren of its earliest customers.

Community and Family

Although technology and equipment have changed drastically over the decades, the same principles of hard work, warm hearts, and community engagement still underpin the Barron work ethic. Today, 150 employees are proud to belong to the Barron business family, upholding the same standards of excellence as that established way back in 1972 by newlyweds Dan and Vivian.

So the next time you see a Barron truck, give the driver a friendly wave. He’s a valued associate of a long-established local family that’s been working hard for almost fifty years to spread warmth and cheer to your family, your neighbors, and your community.

Talk to the Barrons

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