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Why Should I Get Link Building?

Why Should I Get Link Building?

Link building is scoring hyperlinks from high domain authority (DA) websites. DA is a grading system that determines the rank of a website according to Google’s standards. Google search engine algorithms change every day, and the mystery behind why specific pages with their targeted keywords earn a particular place on SERP remains unsolved. However, to some extent, DA can help us make predictions concerning the rank of a page. If a website has a DA of 50, then it is average, and if it’s 60, then good. If your score is above 60, then your website is excellent. Meaning, the higher the DA scores, the better ranking your website is granted.

Where does link building come in?

Acquiring hyperlinks from websites with high DA is no walk in the park, especially if your website isn’t publishing high-quality and relevant content. However, if you succeed, then link building guarantees your website improve SEO, better search rankings, and higher conversion rates.

So, if your website has a high number of inbound links from high DA websites, you are on your way to success. To aid you in your digital aspirations, CI Web Group has the perfect link building solution designed to increase your Google Page Rank, which would thus affect your website’s exposure for the better. Contact us to know more!

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