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Sample Engagement Posts

Sample Engagement Posts

Many people don’t know this
VidCode: VM9001
What are your goals
VidCode: VM9018
Be kind to your children
VidCode: VM9002
Why is this baby so happy
VidCode: VM9019
I’ve fallin, and I can’t get up!
VidCode: VM9003
Join the movement!
VidCode: VM9020
Thank God you are home
VidCode: VM9004
What’s your favorite technology upgrade
VidCode: VM9021
Hot or cold? How do you like to sleep?
VidCode: VM9005
Where would you put a speed bump?
VidCode: VM9022
Parenting, are you doing it right?
VidCode: VM9006
How has Karma touched your life?
VidCode: VM9023
Who remembers how to use one of these?
VidCode: VM9007
You are going to be OK!
VidCode: VM9024
Are you frustrated with a lack of communication?
VidCode: VM9008
What is the most dangerous animal in the world?
VidCode: VM9025
How do your kids act in public?
VidCode: VM9009
Do you know someone who wears pajamas in public?
VidCode: VM9026
Bet you didn’t know the original purpose of Bridesmaids!
VidCode: VM9010
What are your favorite autocorrections?
VidCode: VM9027
What doesn’t kill you
VidCode: VM9011
How is your diet coming along?
VidCode: VM9028
Do you take naps?
VidCode: VM9012
How do you use technology?
VidCode: VM9029
Do you cry when you’re frustrated?
VidCode: VM9013
What was your favorite childhood pet?
VidCode: VM9030
Did you get “The Look”?
VidCode: VM9014
Were you spanked as a child?
VidCode: VM9031
Why is this dog smiling?
VidCode: VM9015
Are you a superstar in the shower?
VidCode: VM9032
How much do you love food?
VidCode: VM9016
What helps you sleep?
VidCode: VM9033
Need motivation to lose weight?
VidCode: VM9017

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