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Mandeep Bhalla – Director of Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategist
Director of Digital Marketing Strategist, Buffalo, NY

Meet a Mobilepreneur with a core skill set of Digital Marketing! Hello, I am Mandeep Bhalla, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy here at CI Web Group. The best thing I can do is- build businesses. And, with the proven skill set of digital marketing strategy, I can contribute remarkably to make your business grow with leaps and bounds against all challenges.

Before I move forward and introduce myself in a bit more detail, I would like to take the opportunity to share a fact about me. I am the guy who is following his passion and this is my dream job here at CI-Web Group. Yes, it still feels like a dream because almost a decade ago, when I had first came to know about CI-Web Group through a mutual client, and as I explored further, I was fascinated to work with this agency and here I am, one of the dedicated and enthusiastic digital media professionals, working in synergy to accomplish the business objectives of our clients.

I feel immensely motivated and delighted every day to work with more dedication and energy. This is because I am part of such a group, which has developed unique and practically proved 12 Step Road-map to not only enhance the web presence of its clients but also to take off the pressure of competition off from their shoulders. As long as you have CI Web Group Digital Marketing Team backing up for your business, ranking atop the competition is the only choice you have.

As they say, ordinary people with extraordinary vision and great passion build great teams. I am one such ordinary team member of extraordinary CI Web Group team. And here, I take this opportunity to introduce myself personally and professionally, for us to connect better ☺


A person is what he has been taught, what he has read, what he has practiced all these years while growing up. The kind of people you live with and look up to shapes your personality and defines your future. I have been fortunate enough to be born and raised by people who believed that work is the purest form of worship. I consider myself really lucky to have had a chance of studying under the guidance of finest of teachers and then getting to work with a team of enthusiastic, visionary and honest personnel from around the world. Throughout my life and career, I have learned a lot and tried to give it back to society through my work. The best part is that I have found the like-minded people at CI web group to work with, they see work as the greatest form of worship and put their best efforts to create magic with their minds.


Local SEO Expert NY
Local SEO & PPC Expert

I completed my Masters in Computer Applications, back in the homeland-India. I kicked off my career as an asp dot net developer my first assignment being a travel website. The fact that the website is a global travel company now, gives me a sense of amusement and satisfaction for contributing my bit.  As I explored the world of the Internet, my passion and interest in learning more about it kept growing. I kept learning digital marketing skills one after another as I firmly believe that there’s nothing more powerful than educating self. As my career graph moved further, I went on to work with several Digital Media Companies in India and abroad as a consultant, serving a vast clientele of startups, local SMEs to big corporate and technology giants such as Google, General Motors, Microsoft and more. I was also associated with one Digital Media Company of New York as a senior consultant and during my tenure with that agency I contributed to memorable product campaigns for brands like NHL, NBA, NFL, Dow Jones, Market Watch, and Dun & Bradstreet.

When you execute your ambitions with hard work, they take you to places. My journey with digital media began in 2004 when I began to write SEO content for clients/companies in USA and Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed writing for the web and gradually I transformed my passion for writing into the profession by launching my content writing website in India. With the team of 45+ writers, we delivered quality content to our clients in India and overseas, generating total revenue of more than INR 30 Million. This was a single-man show and pulling it off like this made me realize the untapped potential I had to serve the internet world better.

I mastered my skills in best practices for digital marketing including the key areas like Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, Paid Advertising and Content Marketing. Prior joining to CI Web Group, I worked with multiple Digital Marketing Agencies in Arizona and California and designed SEO/PPC campaigns for Lawyers, Real Estate, Dentists, Garage Door, Locksmith, Fencing, Painting, and many more.


Jennifer- The CEO of CI Web Group confined in my potential and I was hired to contribute to the growth of HVAC businesses throughout USA and Canada when I first moved to Buffalo, New York. Since then I have been working passionately and proactively in complete synergy with rest of the team to set the standards of digital marketing high for our valuable clients from HVAC industry. The best way to enhance your potential is to put it to test every day. Here at CI Web Group, we practice this without fail. Proven track record of creativity and excellence is what made CI Web Group my dream organization to work with and now that I am fortunate enough to be a part of it, I contribute the best of my abilities and beyond to make a difference.


I am a certified National Corporate approved speaker and my core area of expertise revolves around creating result-oriented Digital Marketing Strategies for HVAC clients. I serve, as an Account Executive for HVAC clients to ensure the best suitable campaigns are put in place and they are producing desired results. My core tasks also include traveling to do live strategy meetings at our client’s locations to staying abreast with the digital trends and algorithm updates.  

I love being the data guy, take the responsibility to do the complex math for the clients in order to streamline their marketing investments and budget. I am the guy who dials you in with groundbreaking and cutting edge Digital Marketing Strategies, anytime, anywhere.

My department offers a bouquet of services including SEO, Local SEO, Landing Pages, and Paid Advertising, Local SEO city pages writing. Think of a strategy that can surpass your competitors and we have it ready, customized as per your needs! Ranking you amongst the top results on Google’s page 1 is our passion.

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Digital Marketing Strategist New York
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