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Fusion Marketing – Digital and Brand Marketing Strategies

Fusion Marketing – Digital and Brand Marketing Strategies


Our weekly “Reinvent Your Message, Marketing and Mindset” webinar series entered its 8th week with a bang. This week’s webinar revolved around fusion marketing, human connection and conversions. Jennifer delved even deeper into ways you can reinvent your business strategy to ensure that you can become dominant and profitable both now as well as deep into the future.

 Fusion marketing is something that is extremely important right now. We all know by now that each business is unique, and as a result requires different marketing strategies to grow its client base. Sometimes a company has to invest in a variety of promotional methods to hit its revenue targets. Leveraging different marketing campaigns to attract new customers is what is known as Fusion Marketing. As business owners, we often think we have to do everything ourselves, but the sheer power of synergy is unbeatable. Aligning with other businesses, creating complementing campaigns and forming strategic alliances will enable you to propel your business to heights you never thought possible in the past. And as always, it all starts with Google.

What Do You Do When You Need Something?

 The first and most logical answer that comes to mind is that you Google it. Google is what a vast majority of people use on a daily basis to find the information they need at any given time. From groceries and HVAC, to plumbing and yoga pants, every time you go to Google and type something it opens a metaphorical filing cabinet that holds only a limited number of participating pages. Every search yields a different size drawer with a differing number of pages. In order for any business to make any money you need to be in the top ten of the participating pages in searches related to your line of work. 

Digital marketing is more of a science as opposed to an art. And numbers don’t lie. Conversions are what every business needs and the first step in the process is to make sure you’re an option. 

Taking a Closer Look

Here’s effectively what happens. Every time you go to Google, and you type something in, a giant file drawer opens up and flies across the entire warehouse. Inside this drawer there’s a number of participating pages. Every single different search term you look for opens a different drawer with a different number of participating pages, technically known as competing pages. In order for you to make any money you need to be in the top 10 of that drawer, for each individual thing you want to sell, in each individual city you want to sell it. So the easiest thing to check right from the beginning is whether or not you’re an option on page one of Google.

Are You An Option On Page 1 of Google?

 Are you on page one of Google for the product you want to sell and the city in which you want to sell it? For better or worse, this one is clear cut – this is a vital question with a simple Yes or No answer. If you aren’t an option you cannot make money or grow your business. If you answered NO to this question, you need to make changes. A new website is the first action you need to take. Every business that wants to grow needs content, SEO and links, all of which should be placed on your website. With a solid, high converting website as a backbone, there’s nothing standing between you and your goals.

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Why You Wont’ Show Up

 There are a number of reasons why you may not show up, even with a website. The first reason is that your website may not be secure. A second reason may be your choice to go the DIY route with your website and SEO. You may not have a maintenance program in place. If you don’t regularly clean up and fix errors on your site, it won’t be a trustworthy source of information. Reason number three may be inaccurate or missing information on the various directories. Ensuring that your website is mobile responsive will definitely improve your rate of appearance on Google. Humans make use of a number of gadgets to access the internet, your website needs to work regardless of how they access it. Let’s not forget voice SEO either – now more than ever before folks like to use their Siri and Alexa to get the information they need.

Don’t Fight Evolution

 Fighting the evolution of marketing strategies will be your downfall. Consider this for a moment, without the evolution of technology, there may not even be such a thing as highly efficient cooling and heating automation. We would simply still be stuck in the dark ages using a fan on sweltering hot summer days. It is not only technology in your industry that advances but also the way in which human beings require and use information. Technological advancements also affect the way in which the customer seeks out companies for the services they require. It is quite simple, you cannot attract customers using new ways of finding things by using old, outdated methods like radio, yellow pages and flyers.


What’s working in your business? → Do MORE of it

What’s not working? → Stop allocating time and money

What are your next steps? → Find out what you should be doing instead

Now is not the time to spend vast amounts of money for quick and urgent business leads. Money is better spent on the infrastructure of your company, things that will keep a steady flow of business and allow for growth over time. Rushing into quick fix “solutions” will lead you to the same financial problems you found yourself in the past. Building a business might require some money and a whole lot of hard work. This is not the time to gamble with what you have in hopes that you come out ahead. Investing in more permanent marketing strategies will have long term effects. Another error that many companies make is to put all their eggs in one basket and spend all their available resources on one particular advertisement. This raises red flags. You open yourself up for disaster. 

 Continuous Evaluation

 You need to start evaluating your own website. Go on Google and type the name of your city along with some of the services you offer. If your company website pops up, go through your web presence in detail and make sure that your branding is appealing to your customer base. Now is not the time to rest on your laurels, Google algorithms change regularly and for this reason your website should also be regularly evaluated and updated. Keeping your content relevant month in and month out is what will separate you from the competition.

Work vs. Progress

 There are two types of customers. Proof of work and proof of progress companies. There is a distinct difference between the two. Proof of work companies have a need to be able to see exactly what work you have done, while proof of progress businesses are reliant on results which show in the conversion rates. Progress-based customers allow you the flexibility to reallocate the budget in areas that need improvement. There are distinct goals that the company wants to achieve, and it’s our job as subject matter experts to show you what needs to be done. 

 Referral Is Number One – Build on It

 Referral business is your golden egg and needs to be protected at all costs. Guard your brand and your company reputation. People who have received your details via referrals from friends and colleagues will search you on Google. As a follow up to referrals you need to ensure that you are ranked at the top of search engine results. It is vital to increase the visibility of your company to accommodate the large number of devices and gadgets used to access the internet. Human beings as a species thrive on options. You need to ensure that your content incorporates all the possible keywords that may be used in searches that you want to be found in. If those words are not in your content, Google has no idea where to file it, and you won’t be found on those searches. Whether the search is related to a product or service, how to questions, brands or types of companies – you need to decide if you want to feature those keywords within your content. Choose wisely, and Google will reward you with more visibility and top-tier rankings.

 Brand Stories – The Power of Telling

 Your brand story needs to be built over time. A great brand story allows you to attract the customers you want, communicate your values, build brand equity that allows you to defend your pricing structure as well as differentiate your company from the throngs of others professing to do the same work. 

Building brand equity takes time but it is by far one of the most valuable assets in your entire business. It is important to remember that brands, as with everything else, change over time. This isn’t a time to stand still. Keep changing and growing your brand. Distinguishing your brand from the competition will help you leave your mark and put you at the head of the pack. Standing out from other similar companies will help you become the company of choice. Creating your brand allows you to attract the customers you want. Use wisely your power of choice. 

 Money Isn’t Everything

 Remember that you don’t need huge amounts of money to see your dreams come to fruition. Knowing who you are as a company and understanding your target audience goes a long way in creating a unique and powerful brand. Know your values, know your clients, know your products. If you don’t know who you are or who you serve, you are less likely to relay that information to any customer that clicks on your website. After all, if you don’t know, how will your clients? 

 Make It Easy

 Every customer that comes to you has their own circumstances and situations. You need to remember your clients are all human and there is the possibility that a customer may be seeking discounts. Someone else may desperately need financing options in order to finally make that decision to improve their home comfort. Your customer is not just a number, she has feelings, emotions and needs. Be conscious of this, pay attention, listen and accommodate where you can. Now is the time to reinvent, recreate, re-evaluate and build your brand.

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