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A Project Manager by profession and Marketer by passion, I have over a decade-long experience in Website Management and Digital Marketing. When I started my career in the web, “Responsive Web Design” was just coined and Facebook was still a new kid in town. As a millennial, exploring and adapting to technological changes is my major asset.

Before joining this awesome team, I had worked on digital marketing and branding for different clients from Australia and Europe. If you meet me on a fine Sunday morning, we can talk about Design, hvac digital marketing, Branding, Psychology, and Philosophy while we have coffee in the foothills of the Himalayas.

I believe in ‘work without attachment to results’ like a true workaholic, at least that’s what my tattoo says. 😉 If I said your task will be done, then you can count on my words and be assured that it will be done.

I am a floater who can jump in and straighten up any department that is not giving 101% efficiency. Therefore my title within the company changes as per the need. Although I started as a Website Project Manager, I have worn the hat of professional SEO services team lead, Social Media team lead, Business Analyst, Email Marketing team lead, and Support team lead. Apart from the day-to-day operational duties, I am leading the Research and Product Development team which has delivered some awesome tools like SEER Calculator, HVAC WordPress Themes, Operational Automation tool for internal process to name some. While you are reading this, I am most probably working on some new products for making your hvac marketing company process better.

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Milwaukee, WI

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