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Amana Champions Conference Highlights with Jennifer Bagley. This event was first class all the way with Amana and the attendees had no idea what they were about to be learning. The participation and group were amazing and walked away with great solutions and ideas to grow their online digital marketing services footprint. You could feel the excitement among the business owners in discovering there was a way to accomplish their dreams and goals with their HVAC business.
Amana Champions Conference with Jennifer Bagley speaking on Leveraging Technology to Convert Time to Cash.

The Best HVAC Web Design Agency CEO’s

Jennifer discussed the importance of High-Leveraged Activities. Do the right things in the right order at the right time. A 12-Step road map to accelerated results begins with strategy, content, websites, branding, video, mobile, social media, SEO Companies, email, CRM, local, and PPC. Time is divided into 2 groups, group one is manual, inefficient, and repetitive, or group which is to duplicate, replicate and automate. Strategy is based on training, coaching, strategic advice, and reporting.
Strategic goals that should be developed:

  1. Increase Lead Generation
  2. Increase Customer Referrals
  3. Increase Up Sales to Existing Customer
  4. Increase Customer Retention
  5. Improve Operations

The process begins with clarity, focus, and execution. Without clarity you cannot focus, without focus, you cannot execute and without execution, you cannot WIN!
The important elements for a website/blog are divided into the life cycle, development, functionality, design, conversions, and website purpose.
Branding is defined by a professional logo, website, social media presence, video, print, and signage.
Stop and read this “Personal Promise”.
I promise to protect and leverage my time, money, resources, relationships, and technology.
The subject on SEO Company in Houston TX is based on-page and off-page, which also addresses are relevant, current, and trusted.
Social media is based on “The Protector” which is focused on follow, share, commenting, auto-posting, fan building, and branding versus “The Aggressor” which moves to the development of editorial calendars, campaigns, list building, engaging, converting, and targeting.
In 1000 days our kids are going to be our employees, our employers, our client, or our competitor.
Mobile is a great next step, which first starts with a mobile app, then a mobile responsive website, text marketing, and text communications.
Video can be offered in the version of welcome, testimonials, training, how-to’s, and often will go viral with the right message.
PPC is a great option with additional google Adwords, targeting, and Facebook advertising. To understand the short term versus long term and simple versus compounding interest.
You must change your thinking to change your results. Set life goals to have the ability to choose without restrictions!!!
You have a couple of ways to go through life! The bottom line is, take action!
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