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All About Domains

Among the many questions we commonly address during a web project, the topic of domains and what they are is one of the most critical in the launch and operation of your website.  We’re going to teach you all about domains so when it comes time to get your website live, it will be seamless and quick.

What is a Domain?

Every single website on the internet has an “address” known as an IP address.  The IP address is made up of a unique set of numbers and characters (ex:  As you can see, it would be rather difficult to memorize this set of random numbers for each and every site we want to visit.  The Domain Name replaces this set of numbers in a word based format that is much easier to remember.  

For example, in our site: the “ciwebgroup” portion is the domain.

All About Domains | CI Web Group

Domain Registrars

These are just a few of many possible domain registrars you can choose from. 

How do I Find my Domain Registrar?

Simple! One of the most widely used tools to find this out is As an added bonus, it will tell you your IP address as well. It provides just about any information about domains anyone would need. If you have a website already and are using us to upgrade your internet presence, this is an easy to use and essential tool in helping us launch your site.

What is the Best Way to Manage a Domain?

The best way to manage your domain is following a few of these industry best practices.

  • Keep Track of Where you Registered the Domain.  It is very important to know who you’re paying, how much, and who is holding your online assets!
  • Make Sure YOU own the Domain. The rightful owner of any domain is it’s registrant. Only the owner has the right to perform certain actions (granting access, transferring hosting, etc.) Your business entity may also be set to the owner.
  • Share the Account Management. It is best to delegate a trusted person (ie. business partner, marketing and SEO companies) account management access. This will avoid loss of access to your domain.  The best practice is to have two other people managing the account.
All About Domains

Where Should I Buy a Domain?

The most common and by far the most popular domain registrar is GoDaddy. However, as we all know, the biggest isn’t always the best.  Only you know which option is truly best, based on your preferences for pricing, customer service, etc.  The best part is, regardless of who you choose, we are here to host your site when you partner with us!

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