5 Etsy SEO Tips To Boost Your Shop’s Visibility

5 Etsy SEO Tips To Boost Your Shop’s Visibility

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Etsy is an eCommerce marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. It is a digital marketing agency specializing in vintage products, craft items, bags, clothing, home decor, beauty products, and jewelry. To sell on Etsy, you need an account. Etsy charges a USD 0.20 listing fee for each item, plus a 5% transaction fee when it sells the item. Etsy has the goodwill of providing a head start to low-income entrepreneurs who want to start an eCommerce store and gain access to customers they may have never encountered. Etsy’s mission is to help sellers turn their creative passions into opportunities so that buyers can discover unique items made with care.

How to Boost your Etsy shop

  • Utilize Etsy Selling Tools

You can find many SEO companies in Houston, TX, selling tools that will ease your day-to-day operations with your Etsy shop. With tools like Outfy, you can create short videos and collages for your shop’s social media profiles and manage when to post them. 

You can discover which long-tail and short-tail keywords are most appropriate for your product listings using tools like Marmalead. You can optimize your listing, ease your shop’s social media posting, offer rewards for new customers, manage your inventory, and have your listing auto-renew.

  • Reimburse Abandoned Etsy Shopping Carts With a Discount

Etsy offers great digital marketing services and features for sending coupon codes to your customers who are leaving their shopping carts. 

When customers change their minds at the last minute, leaving a shopping cart is the most common way to bounce on an eCommerce platform. By using a coupon code, you can persuade them to purchase the products again.

  • Great Product Photographs

The customer will look at the product photo on any eCommerce store before clicking on it. Make sure your product photographs are excellent.

It is unnecessary to have an expensive DSLR camera to take product photos. A decent smartphone is sufficient. Taking product photos requires excellent lighting.

  • Be Active on Pinterest

Nowadays, Pinterest is the leading social media and visual search engine platform for driving traffic to eCommerce websites, blog websites, and Etsy stores.

Your Pinterest profile should be amazing, and you should regularly pin about your products and related articles. You will increase the visibility of your Etsy shop in the online community by doing this.

  • Ensure Your Social Media Profiles are Amazing

To be a successful Etsy seller, you must publish your brand outside of Etsy. Two social media platforms are most popular: Facebook and Instagram. With these platforms, you can attract new customers to your shop and product listings. 

You can share the same products on Facebook and Instagram with appropriate, attractive descriptions. You will be able to increase your Etsy shop’s visibility across social media platforms and your brand’s reputation online. Increase traffic to your Etsy store, improve sales and boost your listing page’s visibility with Etsy SEO. 

You can increase traffic and sales and promote your listing page by implementing small changes to how you manage, run, and utilize your Etsy store. With these Etsy SEO tips and tricks, we at CI Web Group, Inc. I hope you’ll be well on your way to success.