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CI Web Group | Website Focus Group | Marketing and strategyWebsite focus groups are critical portion of  understanding how your site works and how it effects your audience and conversion rates. The one way to determine what users think and feel when they visit your site is to have a website focus group study. Once you receive the user feedback this information can be used to increase conversions and profit.

Outlining specific goals is the first step of the focus study group. For example, a couple of the website focus group goals may be to change the graphical layout to increase conversions or determine how to ensure the user completes an online survey. Contact CI Web Group today to discuss your website focus group objectives by filling out our free quote form or calling  877-839-1122.

After your site-specific objectives are determined, there is a careful selection of website focus group participants. The number and type of participants vary depending on your target audience and goals. Participants are chosen from the demographic groups visiting your site to ensure the results you receive are relevant to your site. By keeping the number of participants small, the website focus group study encourages open discussion. Participants share their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ideas. CI Web Group learns their preferences and gets reactions to a particular site design. It gives you a window into the mind of the user as they experience your site.

Once  the focus group is complete, our team will present our findings and any recommended changes. Valuable insight is gained by knowing exactly what users think and feel. The presentation will summarize all the results and findings.  And at this point you will need to determine which changes best suit your budget and overall objectives.

While this process is most useful at the beginning of the web design phase, understanding how the final design is used by your audience is also important. Keep in mind that the internet changes constantly so performing a yearly focus group can prove a to be a valuable exercise.


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